My character......June

Brown, striaght, elbow-length hair that is often untied. Big brown eyes, medium height. Likes reading in the toilet. Hates rainy days.

Has younger twin sisters who she has a good relationship with, May and April (four-years old,) - coincidently, April was born at 11:59pm/30th of April, and May was born at 00:01 am/1st of May - and thus the names...... 

Currently has a crush on cherries. Often seen with white leggings, skirt, and a shirt. 13 years of age, has a little sister. Plays good piano and is a good climber. Kind, caring, confident, witty, modest, funny, and curious. Not cowardly, but not brave. Reacts strongly when tickled.

That's it! Um.....yeah....

The End

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