That place would have a nameMature


Moon and Cookie sat on opposite ends of the couch.  Moon slouching, her whole body sunken into itself. She oddly felt sorrier for herself than anything else and she just didn’t know why.   It could have been said that Cookie was doing the exact opposite.  Cookie sat up straight and her  shoulders thrusting away from the couch.  Cookie tired not to think but her body wouldn’t let her. She saw the shadows on the wall. When he came to her, she would always look at the shadows. She was never afraid of them, she was too old for that. But that didn’t stop her from making up stories about shadows of shirts that looked like headless men.  Sure it was morbid but it was never scary because she could control it.

Moon abruptly got up. She didn’t say a thing. She didn’t tell Cookie where she could sleep or offer up a tooth brush. Cookie was left to her own devices. Cookie wasn’t annoyed  merely surprised. Cookie idly wondered if she was in shock. She squirmed in the couch and for the first time in a while wondered what the right thing to do was.  There was nothing to say and even less to do.

Cookie found herself trailing after Moon. Moon ignored her as she got into Claire’s toddler bed and curled up around her protectively. Cookie stood guard for a while. Through it all Moon lay unblinking and staring at the dark wall, with even darker shadows dwelling . Cookie unplugged the night light and closed the door, as if darkness meant silence.

Cookie herself didn’t want silence. She wanted the comfort of her mother’s music. Her mother had every kind of music player there ever was. Cookie paced to the screen door and muttered “ California dreaming on such a winters day…”

Cookie looked out on the street and took in it’s vastness. On a dark night like this it looked like there was no horizon, just mlies of streets and flickering street lights. As a cab drove by Cookie realized that it was still Friday night and people were still revelling in the start of the weekend. Nothing in the world shifted. Claire would be expected to deal with her feelings and move on.  People talked like it were a two-step process but Cookie knew all too well it wasn’t. Cookie wasn’t sure there was a thing as moving on. If there was people would be able to tell you where you were moving on to, that place would have a name.

The End

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