The men in their livesMature


Francesca was looking at her nails when Cookie burst in. Cookie smiled hesitantly shrugged and muttered “knock, Knock”.  Fran raised her overly plucked eyebrows and then went back to looking at her nails. She sighed and got up. Cookie barely heard her murmur “ Too pointy.”  Cookie glanced over, her own eyebrows perched high in her forhead. Fran sighed again and dramatically held out her hands.

“ Look, my god I have witch nails. I should have known not to have a white bitch do my nails” Fran sighed again , rolled her eyes then pushed her coiffed tendrails back, “ Only the Asian bitches now how to get it done!”

Cookie shrugged and glanced down at her own digits. Her candy heart nail polish was chipping but that was no shock. She at least hopped to look down and see some length.  Her drug use had done a number on her hair and nails. She was only on methadone now but her nails still seemed tentative.

“ Umm…yeah I guess. I wouldn’t know.”

Fran glanced down at Cookie’s fingers  meaningfully. Cookie almost put her hands in her pockets self consciously.  But she did agree with Fran she did look like a cheap hooker. At least Fran tried to look high class. Word on the street though was she was spending more than she was making.  Other than her finances and the fact that she had a penis  Fran was the perfect woman.

“ So um…” Fran clasped her hands together, “ Why are you here?”

“Moon didn’t tell you? For whatever reason she wanted me to baby sit.”

Fran crinkled her forhead and all but spat out, “ Why? Lets just call a spade a spade. You’re not great with kids. Some women just aren’t.”

Cookie suddenly felt the tingle of annoyance. She really tried not to get her back up but  it did bother her . There was truth and then there were conclusions.  It took more than gall to get to the trueth.  All you needed was gall to come to a conclusion.

Cookie held her voice low and snapped, “ I like kids. I was one, not that long ago. I don’t flash it around but…kids like me“

Fran laughed and then opened her mouth no doubt to make another conclusion but was interrupted by the door knocking.

Fran muttered “ doesn’t she have a buzzer?”

Cookie shrugged, “ Yeah but people always let people up.”

Fran muttered, “ Some security”

Both Fran and Cookie made their way to the door. They both stood at the ominious door as if they expected it to blow wide open.  Fran suddenly pryed the door open, Cookie found herself stepping back. Moon slowly moved into the tiny space, she numbly looked at Fran and whispered, “ Oh your still here”

“ Yeah where else was I supposed to be ?”

Cookie and Fran exchanged speculative looks. Cookie cleared her throat and spoke up, “ I think she was waiting to be paid.”

Moon looked up at Cookie, “ Money for services rendered…”

“ Um…yeah. “ Cookie looked at Fran and said, “ Long night I guess.”

Moon handed Cookie her purse and crept down the hall.

Cookie looked past her and saw Moon lean into Claire’s room.

Cookie shouted, “ I’ll just go in your purse then.”

Moon shushed her.

Fran was tapping her nails on the door jam and splaying her hands. She muttered something about her nails again.

Cookie rolled her eyes as she was left to her own devices. Moon’s purse was unzipped and with a little widening would be ready to be pillaged . Cookie sighed and throw the purse on the couch and set to work.  She pulled out a wallet and large change purse.

“ What’s the going rate for babysitting these days?” Cookie said to the walled.

The wallet hissed as it was snapped open. She pulled out a twenty. Fran took it between two of her talons.

Fran acidly remarked, “ Don’t expect twenties everytime. I’ve seen her bathroom, that bitch don’t have the cash.”

“ I’m sure you’ll be back babysitting. I mean I’m still young enough to work it on the streets.”

Fran shrugged and pushed back her hair, “ Whatever. The real men want a girl just for themselves. I just wish I could find one with money. By Bitch, love you long time.”

“ By Fran. I’ll call you if I find myself hog tied in the living room.”

Fran’s eyes twinkled mischievously, “Oh please do!”

Cookie fought of a smile and muttered “Your bad” as she slowly closed the door. When she closed the door she found Moon crying by the bathroom.  Her back was to Cookie. But Cookie some how knew she was crying.  Her stance appeared causal as she leaned against the wall. But the hole wall supported her head and only points of moon’s feet remained on the floor. It was as if her body was too god damn heavy.

“ I keep the bathroom light on”Moon said as she slowly pivoeted around, “ Why do you suppose all children are scared of the dark?”

Cookie shrugged as she took in Moon’s tear staint face. Her eyes were watery and her cheeks were wet but she didn’t dare cry infront of Cookie. 

Cookie surprised Moon by actually answering, “ They see the monsters we don’t.”

Moon sniffled and whispered, “ They had puppies. Neighbours dog had puppies. Thought it was…They thought it was spayed. We went to look at them. Claire said…oh god…she grabbed a hold of a dog’s dick and…she said…she said ‘if you pull it milk will come out’  and she had her mouth open wide she was ready to you know…Fuck him…Fuck him straight to hell!”

Cookie pulled Moon into a crushing hug. Moon tensed up and until she could hear Cookies heart beating fiercely.

“ Whatever you want. However you want to do this…”

Moon lost it then her breath started coming in gasps, she struggled to say, “ God…I…wish…he would…suffer…for bringing him into my house.”

Cookie pulled back slightly, “ Who…?”

“ When Carl did drug deals he had this dude look after Claire. Carl said he had kids too…I thought. Fuck. You spend your whole time gripping their hands in the mall and scanning the play grounds.”

“ Who is he?” Cookie grunted.

Moon finally looked at Cookie’s blazing eyes. Moon saw more than anger in Cookie’s eye’s. Moon couldn’t pinpoint a word other than vengeance. Moon stopped short and tired to think beyond her grief but at this moment in time she felt no reason not to say his name.

“ Greg. A fucking Greg raped my daughter. “

“ Tell me his last name and I’ll have the town run him out.”

Moon’s eyes wandered back to Claire’s room. “ I don’t care about him. I care about him for her sake. But I don’t know what is best for her? Will she want…”

“ She will regret it for the rest of her life, if she does nothing.”

Moon shook her head, “ I don’t know. All I know is I want him dead. I want to drag him out by his douche bag hair and I want to be the one to flay his skin off…but…”

Moon  slowly looked at Cookie. Cookie looked away and her eyes traveled the distance down the hall. They both didn’t say a word. Moon didn’t dare finishing the thought until Cookie was looking back at her.  Slowly Cookie leveled down her pupils. 

“ I can’t take time off…but I’m only working nights and for like 4-6 hours. I can’t afford counselling…I’ll find some one, somehow…I will…But I can’t leave her alone and I know about you…”

“Ofcourse I’ll watch her.”

“ You can her to talk about it. I just panic. But you…you are cooler…you say things.”

The End

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