On her kneesMature

Cookie put on more coat of lip gloss on to look like she gave a shit. She moved around restldessly  as she tried to un-knot her back but she was entering un-known territory.  Cookie winced at the possibilies.  Men liked hookers because they could do things they couldn’t do with regular girls….

Cookie breathed and knocked at the door. It wasn’t like she ever had a choice. She wasn’t a dumb fuck , just an average one. She was on the honor role once.  But then again they were bird courses. ..

Cookie sighed and knocked on the door louder. She stopped before she took out her frustration the innocent door.  A slightly chubby man opened the door and looked down at her.

He smiled meekly and said “ Are you Jennifer?”

Cookie nodded.

He held out his hand and smiled wider, “ I’m Dennis.”

Cookie relized her hand were stiffly at her side. She slowly and robotically extended her hand. He clasped her hand and brought her into a tiny entry way. Cookie wasn’t claustrophobic but her heart was convinced she was. It was pounding through her rib cage. Before she started sweating out she gave herself a couple of deep breaths before the front door closed and there was no escape.

Dennis squinted at her and patted her hand.

“ Are you a first year student?”

Cookie looked at him puzzled but managed to say “ Second year.”

Dennis let go of her hand and tapped on the side of the wall and led her into an aging living room.

He mutter “ Well Hotel  Administration  is a good program.”

Cookie rolled her eyes. Cookie wasn’t much of a talker to begin with. She talked to get her point across not to chit chat.

Dennis  stopped at worn floral sofa.  He didn’t usher her to sit down he just looked  at her with interest. Cookie returned the sentiment. She wanted to know what she was in for. She took in his wild beard. She hopped he wouldn’t expect her to kiss him. He probably thought it made him unique.  Cookie wasn’t a fan of his Hawaiian shirt either. It was unbuttoned too low for her liking. Too relaxed.

“ You looked much more tranquil in your picture,” He decried.

“ The flash was in my eyes,” Cookie shrugged and flopped sofa.

She let her skirt ride up. Not to tempt him but to get this over with. Dennis slowly sat down and as if he had every right started weaving his fingers through her fishnets on her thighs.

“ I like these”

Cookie shrugged again, “I think  they are a bit chubby.”

Dennis smirked, “ Are you making a funny?”

Cookie shrugged yet again, “ Sure, whatever.”

Dennis squeazed her thigh and left his meaty hand lingering.

He muttered, “I’m too old for you.”

Then he glanced at her. Cookie hoped he wasn’t hopping for a denial. Cookie was strictly a career women.  Unless he was planning on forking out the cash she wasn’t for anyone.

“ What are you about 23?”

“ 21, I just had my birthday”

Dennis smiled, “ Happy Birthday, how did you celebrate it?”

Cookie sighed, “ Look you seem nice and all but-“

“ What am I too fat? Hairy?”

Cookie laughed bitterly, “ I don’t like dudes anymore.”

She didn’t like chicks either. Her last relationship was with a gay guy and it was almost perfect.

Dennis nodded “ Oh I see trying to save my feelings.”

Cookie didn’t give a damn about his feelings. She just wanted to get this over with. She really should charge him extra for all this small talk.

Cookie rolled her eyes and stood up. She adjusted her fish net elaborately pulling both her hose and her mini skirt up.

“ Girls don’t give a damn about looks. It’s you guys who like the show.”

Dennis sat up. Cookie took the opportunity to adjust her thong. Then she slowly lowered her mini.

Dennis nodded and muttered “  All the cleaning suppies are down the hall.”

Cookie mutely took of her mini and baby tee. Dennis seemed to like what he saw. Cookie brieflt looked down at herself.  She could have shrugged. Cookie didn’t feel sexy she felt like a prop.

Cookie watched his mouth open so she went to go find a vacuum.

She sauntered in with a light and hopefully functional vacuum. He better not expect her to move furniture because that would cost extra.

Cookie looked down and peered around looking for an outlet.

Dennis pointed to a solid table. Cookie dragged over the plug. Dennis quickly stepped on the cord and halted her.

“  I’m not a pervert. I just like seeing women in lingerie. “

Cookie didn’t correct him. She just looked up at him and blinked a couple times at him. He looked like the type that would get off on that kind of shit.

“ Who doesn’t?” Cookie purposely giggled.

Dennis seemed some what appeased or turned on enough not to care. God they were all the same.

Cookie had to lean right over the table to get the vacuum fucking plugged in. Dennis ofcourse groaned watching her effort. It would have been nice for him to help move the solid table. Cookie fought off her own groan. If this job was going to be this tough cookie had to find away to at least get a meal out of this.

It took two hours but after Dennis had ejulated in his pants and Cookie had cleaned between his tiled floor it was finally over. Dennis didn’t bother changing pants. He just looked down at her from the floor. Cookie was ready to gag. For some reason guys thought showing the after math was the ultimate thank you. If he really wanted to thank her, he could have showed her the sink. Her hands, no her entire arms reeked of chemically enhanced lemons.

Cookie sighed and stood up. She put her hands behind her back so she didn’t have to dwell on the fact that they were wet and smelly.

She muttered, “ So…”

Dennis reached into his back pocket. Thankfully the back pocket.

He said, “ I’m going to give a hundred dollars because I hope to see you again.”

Cookie cleared her throat, “ Sure…”

When hell froze over. Sure the money was good but She wasn’t interested in pretending to be a subservient little  wifey.  Cookie was a proud straight up cunt. Cookie almost laughed at the thought or her and him. God he would shit his pants!

“ Look, I got to go study…and stuff.”

Dennis quickly clasped her hand. Cookie squirmed in place just knowing where those hands had been.

“ I’ll never ask you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Cookie almost smirked. Yeah it had been a blast.

She shook her hand free and smiled “ I’ll catch you later. “

“ I want you to come once a week. I want you to want to please me.”

Cookie just picked up her clothes and smiled widely as she started backing out of the house.

“ You can get dressed in the house…” Dennis implored

Cookie shook her head, “ No I don’t think I can”

On his deck she pulled up her mini and guickly donned on her t-shirt. She stuffed her bills in her mini.  Cookie gave one last nod at Dennis and turned to leave.

“ Wait!” Dennis implored, “ Why won’t you come back…I’m paying you.”

Cookie shook her head, “ Because you are paying me.”

She paid extra attention to her heels clicking on the pavement. She pretended to walk to a car parked on the side of the street.  Suburbia was so trusting. The car was unlocked. Dennis didn’t dare follow her in his soiled sweat pants. Cookie stayed long enough to steal some change and a pack of gum. When she felt his eyes off of her she took off her heels and darted off to a side street. 

The End

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