An unlikely BabysitterMature

Cookie is a prostitiute who is bored by her job and by life. She finds a unique job offer...

Cookie slithered out of the car she was sleeping in. Her mini started climbing up and her g-string started sliding down. She grunted and adjusted her skirt before it exposed her stomach nobody liked a fat hooker. At a size 12 the verdict to go either way. Not that Cookie cared, much. She landed shackily on to the cracked pavement. She debated on whether or not she should put on her shoes. A cigarrette butt helped make the decison for her. She flopped on the pavement and sighed as she threw her heart shaped purse into her lap. As her usual it was already unzipped. She pulled out a barbeque lighter and flicked it on. The flame weakly kissed the end of the butt.  Cookie looked at the end of her ciggy. It was lit, barely. She inhaled and coughed as she exhaled.

" Fuck" she muttered.

She knew at some point she would have to go to the women's shelter. It was better living with that wanna be pimp.  He was a joke. His ethnicity was debatable. Cookie was sure he was persian or something.  He wanted her to call him Mike. She couldn't call a man who celebrated Christmas the moment it snowed, Mike. Worest of all he tried to control her, manipulate her with food.  Ofcourse she put a stop to that...Which was why she was know living in a women's shelter.

" Don't blow, suck." A high pitch male voice called out

Cookie rolled her eyes but didn't look up. She visualized the douche bag.  Probably one of those 23 year olds with too tight Affliction t-shirts, with equally tight jeans. She pulled her sling backs closer and edged her body away.

"Your cigarrette going out. You need to suck it."

Cookie sighed and slowly got up.

" C'mon...I'm just..."

" I'm off duty" Cookie muttered

" I just want to talk to you baby."

Cookie finally glared at him. He was older than 23 and his shirt wasn't from Affliction. It was a clone. Something he picked up at Wal-mart along with the body spray he dosed himself in.

" So talk, the meters running. 50 cent a minute." Cookie muttered as she looked away.

" Honey..."

Cookie whirled away and shook her head.

" Hey where are you going?"

" I'm going somewhere real."

Cookie's purse vibrated, she stabbed herself with the heel of her shoe as she rumaged through her purse. She grunted and moved the heels of her shoes away from her arm.

She flipped her phone and growled into it" What?"

" Sugar Cookie...What's up?"

It was Moon.  Everyone thought Cookie and Moon were sisters. Mainly because they both had brown hair and brown eyes. Although Moon thought Cookie's eyes were more Hazel. Cookie liked Moon. Moon wasn't mean or fake.

" I'm tired, hungry and horny"

" Aren't we all....I can at least help with the hungry."

" Since when do you have money?"

Moon practically squealed into the phone, " I got a job bro. It's a call center so it's...not great."

Not great meaning it was temporary. Everyone from the streets had worked at a call center first and they probably would again. Everyone said after two months they deleted all thier old employee records. No one knew it was ever true.

" Cool beans."

" I know bro! 11 bucks an hour man!"

" So who's watching Claire then?"

" Franny for now."

"Franny? You know he shoots up."

" Stop calling her a he" Moon sighed, " She only shoots up at the clinic now."

"  She has a dick.   I wouldn't trust her."Cookie snorted

" Genatalia aside.  Claire likes her."

" Whatever. I just know how you got when social services called you a junkie."

" Bastards all of them.  Said my eyes were all red, I had pink eye!"

" I know" Cookie said.

And she did know. There conversations rarely diverted from gossip and complaining about social services.

" Anyway I called you because I want you to see what I did to my apartment."

" The only improvement would be kicking Tony out."

Moon snorted, " So were in that kind of mood are we?"

Cookie smiled slightly, " My night was a right off and I slept in a car."

Moon shuffled some papers and Cookie could hear cabinets closing.

" What happened?"

" Nothing." Cookie muttered " What are you doing?"

" Tidying up. I've become all Martha Stewart. Yesturday I cleaned my oven."

" I'm sure Martha pays people to do that. Anyway, Nothing happened. I did a couple of blow jobs. Typical blew there loads and five minutes. Threw me Macdonald's napkins and a couple of bills."

" One time a guy asked me if I was a man." Moon piped in.

" Who hasn't?" Cookie snorted, " But none of that happened. Not even an offer to shave my pubes or to slap someone silly."

" Eww..I hate that. I can't slap. I was never a great spanker either."










The End

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