‭"So, in case everyone wasn't already aware, the King is here today," Peter said during a performance.  "I was trying to figure out how to get him involved in the show, and I came up with a pretty good trick.  I'm going to turn his crown into something.  But I don't know what to transform it into.  Come on everyone, give me suggestions."
‭    The crowd shouted things like "dove," "monkey," and "flowers."  An old merchant, a friend of Peter and a regular at the restaurant, shouted "dirt."  Peter immediately informed the crowd that he was going to change the Royal Crown of Britain into dirt.
‭    He descended the steps of the stage, pushed himself into the surging crowd, and was lost from sight.  Seconds later, he called out from the Duke's balcony "time for business!"  The crowd whirled around and cheered.
‭    "Your Majesty, if you would."  Peter produced his hand.  The King merely gave him a disgruntled look. 
‭    "Come, come, John," chanted the Duke.  "Give the man the crown.  He won't lose it."
‭    The King slowly removed his crown and handed it to the magician.  Peter moved to the edge of the balcony and held the crown over the crowd.  He slowly covered it with a purple cloth, and swiftly removed the cloth, scattering darkened dirt across the crowd from his empty hand.  He turned, reached into his cloak, and pulled forth his dirty bowler hat.  He positioned it carefully upon the King's head and began to walk away.
‭    Before he reached the door, the King's guards slowly unsheathed their swords. 
‭    "What did I do?"  Peter looked back at the King, who had risen in anger.  "Oh.  Sorry."  He moved toward the King and pulled the hat from his head.  The Royal Crown of Britain was beneath.
‭    The Duke began to clap rapidly, the skin of his face rippling.  The crowd, too far to easily discern the events atop the balcony, realized what had happened and began to cheer. 
‭    The King did not clap.

The End

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