When Lauren Tailor moves to Wales everything is as boring as watching grass grow, but when she meets Frank and is sent on a quest, things start to change.

"Dinner's ready, Lauren!" Mum called, her head poking around the door.

"Cool, what're we having?" I asked her, wandering through to the dining room.

"Chicken casserole. Your dad's coming home for dinner because we want to tell you something, by the way." She said, not meeting my eyes. I sit down, thinking hard - what could they want to tell us? I narrowed my eyes and looked at my mum.

"Hey, don't look so suspicious! You'll like it!" She laughed, as my brother walked in,

"Like what?" Jack asked, throwing a grape in his mouth before sitting down. Mum rolled her eyes.

"You'll like what we're about to tell you, Mr. Nosey!"

Mum brought the casserole to the table and served us some, but it was another 15 minutes before Dad came in.

"Hey, listen, sorry I'm late. I just had to sort some thing out at, err, work." He said giving mum a meaningful look. I was on the edge of my chair all dinner waiting for them to tell us, but Jack looked so relaxed I thought he might fall asleep!

We talked about the usual things - school, homework, work, political issues and so on; but nothing could take my mind away from it. It was trifle for pudding when I couldn't wait any longer.

"C'mon, tell us! I've been on the edge of my seat all dinner, just tell us what it is!" I interrupt. Mum and dad laugh.

"Okay, okay we'll tell you..." Mum looked at dad. He nodded. "We're moving to Wales!" They cried. My jaw droped open, and I looked at Jack. He looked just as amazed as I did.

"What?!" We yelled in unison.

"Wales! That's....That's ages away! Why are we going? When are we going?!" I shouted.

"Calm down. I got a promotion and we have to go to Wales, they gave us a house in a small village which is perfect for us. And we're going next week." Dad said calmly.

"Next week?! You could've told us sooner!" Jack hollered. Thank god we're on the same side now. I asked to leave the table then ran out and went to my room to phone Alex (Alexandra). She had to back me up on this one.

The End

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