Aurora - GoodBye.

    Aurora enters a room so majestic, yet comfortable, a homey feeling that creeps into your heart and makes you feel safe. Aurora didn't like that feeling, it was deceiving. The elder glanced back to make sure Aurora was still behind him, then gestured to a sturdy group of Aurora's superiors. They were all BlueJay - humanlike, BlueJays were the only ones who were able to become an elder. They were all sitting behind a tall superior table, with warm, but strong eyes, staring at Aurora. She was nervous, but knew not to show it, showing her feelings would let her surperiors think she was weak; she wasn't.

  In the middle stood a tall, handsome, BlueJay, "Welcome Aurora, we wanted you to come so we could say good bye. Well, we also want to try and convince you to stay with us, our best warrior,". His voice was warm and friendly, she could see in his eyes that he truly meant what he said. His lips were formed into a genuine smile, implying he was happy she agreed to come. His blue eyebrows were slightly bent in the middle, his fingers tapping on his side, showing he was nervous. She concluded that he wasn't telling her the whole truth, but that he wanted to.

  "My pleasure, thank you for wanting to say good bye." She smiled. "I am sorry to say that you won't be keeping me. I am sure you have better warriors than I, although it means a lot to hear such compliments. Would you mind, elder, if I spoke to you alone?" She curtsied and bowed, not the easiest thing to do, but the most respectful. She also noticed the other elders shifted in their seats and glanced quickly at eachother when she said the word alone.

  Aurora was not a cruel person, in fact she was quite nice, others just assumed she was cruel. She did not feel joy when silence entered the room, like a knife cutting into butter. To speak to an elder alone meant serious buisness, especially the leader.

  Finally the silence ended, "Of course Aurora, I would be glad to talk. Follow me." He started walking to the balcony and turned around, waiting for Aurora. She hurried and reached him in no time, already stretching her glittering wings, readying to take flight. He stretched his and took off, soon after she followed his black and blue wings. "What do you want to tell me?"

  "Ahh, but elder, it is you who wants to share something with me. Whatever is it?" Aurora spoke low and soft, as was her natural voice, bell sounding, peaceful.

  The young elder looked at her, "I underestimated our best warrior. Pardon me. Yes, thank you for giving me the chance to tell you. There are great dangers out there, an evil force that wants to dominate every tribe, every land, and its people for their own evil doing. I want you to stay, that way we can be fully prepared to fight, if need be. The evil is called 'Nixxians' and if you should ever run across one, be wary, and be smart. The other elders didn't want me to tell you, because they didn't want to influence you, while you were grieving for your family. I think it's for the best to tell you, that way you know what's at stake if you leave." He says all this slowly and deliberately, making sure it all soaks in.

  Aurora thought for a moment and then replied, "You should never underestimate your opponent, it is unwise. I know of the dangers, but the Nixxians you speak of are new to me. I realize it would not only be harmful, but also dishonorable to leave my tribe in a time of need. I also know the others didn't want you to tell me this, that they were tryng to keep it hidden. It was written all over their faces, including yours. It pains me so, what's at stake, and I'm afraid I still must leave; not only for my own purposes but for the tribes. I need to learn what other tribes know about these Nixxians. If these Nixxians are as dangerous as you say, we will all need to unite and fight as one. Thank you for telling me this and for being kind to me, but I must go, now." Aurora turned and started flying back, the elder joined her.

  "I agree with you. I only wish I could go, but the other elders would never allow it. You may call me Airren when we are alone. I will tell the others of our plan while you pack your things." Airren smiled gently, knowing she was the one to come up with the plan, not him.

  Aurora, despite all her effort, had started to consider him as a friend. They landed on the balcony and after Aurora bid her good byes, Airren came to say his own good bye.

  "I truly shall miss you, friend. Even though we have only known eachother, but a day, it seems we have truly known eachother since child years. Good bye, Aurora." Then he kissed her cheek, a simple good bye in her tribe that friends did when saying good bye and I'll miss you.

  "I will miss you, too. Good luck with the other elders, Airren." She said quietly, so the other elders would not hear. Then she was off to pick up her things and be on her journey, her silver braid shining brightly, and her ocean blue eyes twinkling with unheard laughter, even in the dark.

The End

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