Rise of the Swarm

Qliphoth lazily flew over the legion which he now commanded, examining his troops with a critical eye. Although most Nixxians had a poor eye sight, his' never missed a thing, it was one of the perk that had allowed him to survive all this time.

Four hundred asexual Nixxians marched forward to their destination, accompanied by half as much slaves of different tribes from all over the glades. However, the most important part of the convoy were the prince and princess that followed. Once the swarm would have built their war camp, these two would father new children for the army. 

Unlike males and females, the asexual grew to maturity within a handful of weeks and dozens could be born and tended to per day. 

"Do you always isolate yourself from your own soldiers?" Asked a young prince that now flew next to the swarmlord. 

"What do you want Iblis?" The other asked without answering the question.

"To understand your thought process." Iblis responded. "I've answered your question, now you have mine to reply to."

Qliphoth lat out a shriek of irritation before landing, the other prince still in toe. "I dislike walking the same ground as these filth." He spat.

"Yet you do it regardless." Iblis noted.

The elder shot a venomous glance at him and snarled. "The empress' wills are my own desires." 

"Or are they?"

"What are you implying?"

"Nothing. I'm just musing to myself." Iblis answered, opening his massive bat-like wings before flying away to land next to his mate, princess Mara. 

Left alone to his rumination, the swarmlord began to think. He needed to get rid of this bothersome rival soon enough. After breeding, he would be obsolete to the swarm's goals, plenty of opportunities would present themselves...

Although the empress preached cooperation and unity, the princes had never stopped their games. After all, many were born but very few were needed. They had to cull out those who wouldn't cut it, that was the Nixxian way and it would always be so.

Qliphoth made his way into the pavilion the slaves had erected for him. The Nixxians could have continued marching for two days easily, but the other races would not make it, Currently, the last thing he needed was a riot which his new rival could take advantage of, so he had allowed them to camp for the night.

The swarmlord went to sleep right after a quick debriefing from his assistant and scribe, who was one of the lower races, who so far had proven himself useful and he knew his place.

The End

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