"We stand here today of Council to judge the actions of Allereus to protect our pack," intoned the Council leader, his bright orange skin glowering in the bright sunlight that marked the Council circle. His eyes were dark and grim.

The small black-coloured judge, marked by his tipped and beaded ears, circled Allereus menacingly. Behind him, a warrior, marked by bright blue Council paints, followed at a short distance behind, ready to act if she acted up.

"Have you or have you not injured three of your pack in the past two sun-falls during the nightly hunt?"

"Maybe," she said coolly.

"I demand a direct answer!" He stopped and hissed, his forked tongue clearly visible as he roared. Behind him, the warrior got ready to pounce.

"Yes," Allereus said hurriedly.

I have to get out of this if I can, she thought.

The judge started to circle again.

"And have you or have you not used Decay lines, which are forbidden of use on other pack members in this jungle?"

"Yes," she replied, with a wary glance at the warrior. Though she was big, he was much larger and Allereus was sure she would not hesitate to hurt her. 

The judge broke away from his repetitive intimidation to speak to the leader. Only a few seconds later he faced the small, green-skinned tigress staring defiantly back at him. He pitied her-but not enough to risk others' safety.

"Then, by the High Council, I deem you banished. You have until sun-fall to gather your possessions and vanish from this land."

Allereus walked out of the sunlit circle into the familiar gloom of the jungle depths. She had nothing, save a water skein and a few personal possessions secured in a small pack. She knew this would happen. Allereus would start her journey immediately, though very little was known of the outside.

Spotting a path in the distance, she bounded towards it. The road was well used. To the left, a barely trampled trail led into the distance. A carving on a tree nearby, written in Score lines assuring the rules were followed, read "STAY OUT."

It would open for her, Allereus, one of the few banished. She took it without a sidelong glance of what had been her home.

The End

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