Pennywise Thoughts

 I am not drowning, don’t worry for me. I am with the other coins ranking from one cent to a full two hundred coin. I have misunderstanding why the “other” coins are here. The higher priced don’t belong here. They can be used to buy greater things, whereas penny has no huge part for currency than it once had.

I never understood why those people would throw so much money higher than my hierarchy. What do they expect when they toss a coin higher than mine? One cent is one wish? Therefore you shall have two hundred wishes or a greater wish than a penny? In my perspective, they are greedy and want more wishes.

Then again, maybe they do need a taste of hope in the sorrowful lives of humanity. I will never know the feeling of being a human, nor do I want to. I notice what goes on in this world. I see the greed and selfishness that arouses the people in the working society. For as long as I’ve been around, my usage was much superior than it is now.

I am either useful in their everyday lives or sometimes feeling rejected. Some people will scrounge for me as like they are in desperate need to have me. Or some will just abuse my currency and toss me in the trash or on the street. Nowadays, everything in this world is so much more profitable this is has been 20 or 30 years ago. I have noticed that the food and technology has risen in today’s modern world and it’s causing the population to get fatter and become more advanced.

That’s why I don’t understand why I find a five cent to a two hundred cent coin beside me, lying in this river. Why should they feel abandoned like I do? Why can’t I think of this as a good cause for the people? Maybe I’m just annoyed at the fact that the penny will soon have no purpose in today’s world and will soon lead to extinction.

The End

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