Penny *PinnchingMature

This poem here has to be one of my best pieces of work yet to have come. This is my story of my families fincal struggle, but anyone who has ever had fincal problems or been unemployed or anyone who's ever been through the struggle and worked they're asses off to make it out can relate, I hope you all enjoy.

I don't know about you but I'am sick and tired of being sick and tired of

"Penny Pinching"

And the land lord Bitching, while my cousins in the kitchen whiping up that white shit.

Just to go and flip a white Brick

But I know if I  was to Dare try that shit My moms would flip shit and say some shit like,

iy' You don't gotta be a dope boy to get bread

But you see that's some bullshit, cause this goverment cheese just ain't doing it

and being broke literally ain't worth shit and , truthfully the only reasson I work this hard is to see my family out the Ghetto,

And to see that my mom's won't have to struggle, And yeah it's the struggle,

But you don't really know what the struggle is until, you gotta see your moms

work so hard that she got swollen palms and burnt arms, from working at a reasturant named T.G.I.Friday's , But damn why she gotta be employed on a friday? You see a single mother income was the only income we had incomeing through the door, but thankfully she got re-married and my

step-dad came through the door like hero, But evenually and unfourtnately he was laid off and the fincal burden was laid on, But it's OK pop's and and OK ma just hold on cause I'am here to get an education and work my ass off so that yall will never have to work again.

The End

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