Penny Lane

Dear Prudence,

         This new town isn't quite as boring as the last. As you've guessed, we have moved again. This time to New Jersey, we live on a quaint street called Penny Lane. I like to think that all the streets were named after somebody or some event that had happened sometime in the past. Wouldn't that be fun, to have a street named after you. I wonder who Penny was. Maybe she was a woman who fought in the war, dressed in men's apparel, her hair cut short like Pa's. Maybe she was a famous medium or psycic. Maybe she read palms and told fortunes. Or she could have been a nurse who helped the poor, and nursed them back to good health. Well, I just thought it was an interesting concept. Can't wait to here back from you!

                                                 Yours sincerely,


The End

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