Penguin City

Imagine if you lived in a world of ice. Snow sheets covered grounds, stinging breezes and an eternity of blinding white. Well.., once upon a time, a girl did live in this snowy world. She lived in Penguin City, you may be surprised to know she isn’t a penguin but both her parents are. Now, how did penguins came to raise a human being? The thing is, in this very special city, the penguins are all gifted with the ability of speech and intelligence. They co-exist peacefully with their human neighbours. But not long ago, the penguins and humans were at war, fighting over this small piece of land. To end the chaos, King Penguin Metal Fur II and Lord Henry IIII decided that, humans and penguins would trade children. Before a penguin pair or human couple decides to have a baby, they would find a trading couple. Once the human baby and penguin baby is born, the parents traded them; however, many penguins and humans were not happy with not being able to raise their own children so King Penguin Metal Fur II changed the law to their first born child. 

Christa was the first born child of a young shop owner and a potter; she was traded for the son of two penguins, Dusty Coat and the lovely Soar. Christa has 2 siblings, Summer Sky and Stone Feet.

They lived peacefully in a small ice hut.

The End

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