Penetration and Evacuation

i wrote it in a second.. haha it was just for fun

We were just now talking about how chivalry is dead..

or at least.. thats what i said!

          he argued and argued that guys are not mean

          but its sad, cause that’s NOT what i have seen.

im bein very closed minded..

if this was 4 years ago.. i WOULDNT have minded

          but from my experience and what ive gone thru..

          its so hard for me to believe that what he is saying is true

I have definately felt the ‘love’ in a guy..

but my brain keeps saying its just a lie!

          i feel like just another statistic..

         i really want to change it..

If there is a guy whos funny, tall, generous and sweet..

that’s definately a man id love to meet!

          so if anyone knows a man so fine..

         hook me up! ill make him minee (;

The End

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