Merely Immortal

This rude girl don't play with the bom di-dang di-dang diggi-diggi

The bullet rakes across the air, flying from the muzzle of the rifle.

This rude girl don't play with the bom di-dang di-dang diggi-diggi

It strikes the glass of the restaurant window and penetrates, leaving behind a ragged hole.  Stresses at the edges of the hole start to fracture the glass, and a crack races through it just as the bullet races through the air again, heading for the temple of the man sat at the table.

Punahussy sit around and a watch a girl live

As the bullet strikes the man's temple and drives on through skin, flesh and bone a man at the next table laughs uproariously, drowning out the noise of the impact.  The injured man turns his head to look at the man laughing, still not aware that he has been shot.

The bullet is dragged to a halt inside the man's head, slowed by the friction of the brain tissue.  The shock of the impact strikes home, and the man raises his hand to his head, not sure what has happened.  The man at the next table, still laughing, turns in his seat to look back at him.

The liquid core of the bullet breaks out of the jacket and leaks into the man's brain.  It is a tincture banned from earth by divine fiat millenia ago.  It soaks easily into brain tissue and starts to ossiify the cells it contacts.

Recognition dawns in the eyes of the injured man.

"Loki!" he says, and the laughing man raises his wine-glass, full to the brim with dry white wine and toasts him.

High above them, Penelope dismantles the Arctic Warfare rifle and packs it back into her bag.  It's time to get on with her life.

Zeus slumps to the table, trapped in this mortal body with its brain slowly turning to bone while Loki, part-time arms dealer to vengeful women, calls for more wine and laughs ever louder.


The End

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