Over the Cliff and Far Away

It all went hoopily until the day Vincent vanished. Some said he took a wrong turning in that little Mustang of his, glanced in his rear view mirror and saw the goblin hordes massing behind him and knew the jig was up. The car was, certainly, found at the bottom of a cliff in authentic road-movie style. 

Marie-Eve, of course, left no stone unturned in her desire to find out what had happened to her son. Jean-Luc was more of the opinion that his son had just done a runner; but why then had the car been found crumpled like the proverbial cow's horn at the bottom of a cliff? Penelope was equally convinced that her bright, popular brother - who as previously stated could easily have been a conceited rich brat but wasn't - would no way have run away.

There are wrong turnings in the land that are not necessarily on any map.

Vincent vanished on 31 October 20--, after spending the day at school avoiding the Halloweenies as he called them.

There's more to this day than just trick or treat and your mum in a transparent dress, he said. The veil is thin. That was at breakfast and he never came home. Mrs Blockmeyer, the School Principal, reported that he had been at school as required. His classmates including Brad Turpitz and Chloe Avicenna said that he had driven off as normal, on his own. Penny, expecting to see her beloved if exasperating twin later, never spent much time with him during the school day.

Wish I had, she said, sitting in the living room with her parents while her younger sister Amity played unconcernedly with the cat. 

Late that night the police arrived to say that the car had been found but there was no body nor sign of anyone nearby.

The End

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