Penelope McQueen

Penelope McQueen is 23 years old, 5ft 11' tall, with deep brown eyes and blonde hair. She is reserved and old-fashioned but can be stubborn and is scared of the dark.

     The house dwarfed everything on the street. It was big, sky blue, with white trim and a light brown roof. With 3,500 square feet of space, 2 master bedrooms, 5 smaller bedrooms, 3 and a half bathrooms, a big kitchen, a family room with a fire place, and 2 living rooms, this victorian mansion had been in 6 different magazines. The house was about 102 years old, but was newly painted and had brand new floors installed.

     Everyone who knew of the house wished it were theirs. But, unfortunately, the house had been bought by a family from Paris. Jean-Luc McQueen and Marie-Ève Valiers had 3 kids; Penelope and Vincent, who were 16-year-old twins; and Amity, who was 7. The McQueens were both doctors, and therefore, made quite a bit of money. They adored spoiling their children, and because of this, Penelope and Vincent each had a Mustang convirtable with cherry red leather seats.

     You could say they were vain brats, but they weren't. They were kind, friendly, unselfish, giving, everything opposite of what you'd expect from rich spoiled kids. Penelope and Vincent were the best in their classes, really good friends with everyone, and most of the school looked up to them.

The End

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