She let her phone drop to the ground. She didn't know how to reply back. At first, she felt angered and betrayed, and then hurt and disposed. She felt empty inside... like a big part of herself was gone.

"Maybe it's just a dream." She told herself. "It's just a dream... I'm going to wake up any minute and everything's going to be peachy keen."

She closed her eyes and re-opened them, she bent down to pick up her phone, and went to her inbox. Her heart sank. It wasn't a dream... this was reality. How could this of happened? What happened to staying together forever? He'd promise her that he would never leave... she gave him everything that she had; literally. She wondered who this other girl was; what she was like. What was it about her that grabbed his attention?

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard " (Not sure what song)" ringing through the empty air. It was him.

"Hey, did  you get my text?"

She fought back the tears. "Yes, I did. I was about to reply."

"Oh." There was a long, akward pause before he continued. "Please don't hate me. I'm really sorry, it's just I like this other girl too and I'm not sure who I want. I want to see how things go with her. I still want to be friends, maybe more in the future."

"I could never hate you and we can definitely be friends. I wish you luck with this other girl."




The End

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