Pencil King

Very short story of the life of a pencil king.

There once was a pencil king who ruled his pencil subjects with a fair eraser until one day  a pencil thought the Great Pencil was a coward and not worthy of ruling the throne. The pencil ran to the Great Pencil's eraser castle and challenged him to a write off. Two large pieces of paper were put in the center of the pencildom for all to see. The royal dueler marked down to 1. 3,2,1! They were off! The Great Pencil writing as fast as the speed of sound but the pencil challenger almost just as fast. For five minutes they were at it until one of them snapped. The entire audience stopped cheering and knew it was time for a burial. There is an old legend saying only pencils of royal lead can withstand the pain to write a story.

The End

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