Pen Pals

Hi Lily

Mrs Bullock didn't come round in the end.  Phew!  Relief or what?  She gave me a note to give to Dad - imagine?  Like,  the number of notes I've given to her from him haha.  D'you think they were - shock horror - love letters?   Just wait while I stick my fingers down my throat.  Anyway she couldn't cos she had a staff meeting APPARENTLY.  Huh?  How's your new school?

Lots of love



Dear Clare

My new school is WELL NICE!  But I miss you lots.  There's this really nice boy called Josh and he's got this dead posh voice (well they all have down here) and he's nice and guess what, it's his birthday next week and he's having a sleepover - a MIXED one!!!  But the girls are all sleeping downstairs and the boys in his room so my mum says it's OK for me to go.

Miss you


Clare XXXX

The End

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