Pen pals 2

  To jamie,

    my name is Andrew and i am 7 years old 2. I do not have frekles. I don't even no what they are! right now i am drinking apple juice and sorry about the brown spot on the paper. It was the apple juice.

    My mommy also signed my up for the penpal thing. i won't make fun of you. Well I could. And NO I am NOT a fat cake! My brother Jimmy eats those pinky fatcakes. But I think their dissgusting.

  I like to play basketball on my new Crismas hoop. I don't have a real basketball like dwayne waade, i use a Elmo bouncy ball.

   You sound a bit snooty. Are u sure you are not a GIRL? cuze Jamie sounds like a girl name.

          From, Andrew Parkings

The End

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