Peetas point of view-The reaping

I stood in the square for the 16 year olds. The president was making his speach that he made every reaping day. When Haymitch the one surviving winner in our district steps up, you can tell he's drunk. Everyone laughs when he tries to hug Effie. After the president finishes, Effie Trinket makes a stand to rty to fix her hair, then she does her annual speach. "May the odds be with you!' She sais. I have been dreading this day. The day where I would have to cross my fingers and hope my one true love. Katniss Everdeen. Would not be picked. I'd rather die then have her go into the games. Effie puts her hands in the big bowl and pulls out a name. "Primrose Everdeen" she sais. I relax then it hits me. Primrose Everdeen. Katniss Everdeen. Oh no! I see Katniss's face light up with horror then she screams "I voluntire!". I can feel a panic rising in my chest. "Well, I think it's a matter of introducing the winner then asking if there's any voluntires" sais Effie. "Why does it matter?" asks the mayor in a small voice. Then something happens, this one man puts three fingers to his lips and kisses them. My chest swell with pride. That was the sign of good luck. Then the whole district did the same thing. When I did it, I tried to imagine Katniss looking a me. I kissed my three fingers and then lowered them. Effie Trinket walks to the boys bowl, she shuffles it then puts her hand into the bowl. She pulls one out and goes to the cameras. "Peeta Mellark" she sais. I swear my heart stopped. But for soem reason I was able to walk. The odds we're not in my favor. I walked up to the stand. Haymitch looks at us and sais: "I like it...they both have...spunk" then he goes to the cameras. "There better than you!" then he's out cold. A stretcher comes and bring him away. Me and Katniss shake hand and I give her a little squeaze of reasurance. She looks expressionless, but I know that under that mask is a bunch of emotions, fighting against each other. We're led to the justice building and we have the visits of family and friends. My father comes in, I know he wants to cry, but he's holding it in. I am going in the games. I will feel the pain of starvation. And I, Peeta Mellark, will stay alive to save her. My one and only true love. Katniss Everdeen.

The End

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