Peer PressureMature

I know a b*tch, and her name is peer pressure.

It's one thing to establish your values and your limits ahead of time, sure, it's nice to plan for the unexpected, but you can never really plan for anything. You can say you'll do this and you'll do that, but when you're in the moment - none of that matters. What matters is what you say and what you do right then.

Nothing else. And that's scary.

Because you could be feeling differently in that moment, or you could be feeling the same. But really either way, peer pressure doesn't care. It's vicious and evil, always tempting and taunting. You have to make the decision right then, be quick on your feet. And whether you say yes or no, it also doesn't matter. But whether you say yes or no, it still changes everything. When you say yes, you say no and goodbye to whatever it was you previously decided to say no to. And when you say no, you risk the consequences and the initial reaction. And it sucks.

Cause peer pressure enjoys your pain. It wants you to suffer and makes sure that you do. When you say no, peer pressure laughs and makes fun of you. It teases you about what you're unable to do. And it's disappointed. It shakes its head sadly yet secretly is satisfied.  

The End

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