Peculiar appearances (temporary name)

Basically this is the beginning of a story which I have written a lot of but have lost idea slightly. These are the few first lines of it, I will not give away the storyline in case you like it and wish to hear the rest in the future. Please leave honest and contructive comments, I don't mind criticism :). I want to know if you are intrigued?

I wandered down the road, down between the avenues of trees, examining them as they danced in the breeze. What was going on? Only seven days back I had walked away from my house, sat down in the garden, gone to sleep, and now here I was. I was sure it wasn’t just a dream. Endless mud roads with trees along either side, and forests behind them. I couldn’t understand it; how had I got here? I strode over the one of the edges of the roads for the first time, and surveyed the dark spooky mist behind it. I had been a person in a world of billions, trillions, zillions of other animals. Now there seemed to be nothing. I had been Edward James, that had been my name, and now I was in the middle of...whatever you would call this.

            My original curiosity at the place was beginning to be replaced by annoyance, and I was getting irritated. In fury I snatched a leaf up off the ground and hurled it into the forest, but it stopped flying a metre from my hand and swooped down to the ground, in installments. I walked straight up to some bark on a tree, and felt its asperous texture. It was like me, bored, horrified at this world. No matter how hard my ears strained to hear a sound, absolutely nothing emanated from my surroundings. A pin dropping here would be like somebody smashing a drum back home, it was that quiet. Just then, I shouted, and kept shouting, not understanding this. I broke into a sprint, charging furiously down the alleyway, adamant that it would end, insane. I kept running, air hissing past me. Slowing down, I peered up at the sky for inspiration. It was semi-grey, not dark grey, just slightly; this was like the normal world. My mobile phone had gone from my pocket which beleagured me; I had nothing that had been in my pockets. Surely that meant that I would die soon then, which excited me, to get out of this desolate place. Excited by death? Yes, anyone would be here. I began to pray desperately, just wishing in my mind, begging that something would happen. Anything, a bit of wind, some rain, to show that this place had life. Nothing responded. That was it then. I would have to go alone. I trudged across to the edge of the avenue, still catching my breath, and walked into the trees. Would I ever come back out? I continued striding on the firm ground, determined to get out of here. All my life I had been optimistic, but that characteristic was draining from me.

The End

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