Peanut woke up early as always she opened the curtains and with Matt watched the sun come up.  They did this everyday whilst doing their breathing exercises.  It helped them to focus and prepare for the day ahead of them.  Once the sun had risen they carried on with their morning ritual by having a luke warm shower together.  This refreshed their skins as wells as their souls.  Next they put on the hippy clothes, long tops and baggy trousers.  Matt platted Peanuts hair for her before he left for his spiritual work.

Peanut hadn’t had any acting work for a while now so she set about painting, her second love, after meditating.  She often found herself sketching an imaginary family for herself as she was raised in an orphanage.  Not even the home knew anything about her parents as she was found in a Moses basket when she was just a few hours old.  Peanut never gave up hope of finding them but her search had not really started, as she had no clues to start with.

After an hour or two of painting in silence, only the birds could be heard singing in the trees outside.  There was a thump on the hall carpet.  Peanut jumped, she rarely got any post so this was an unusual sound for her.  Slowly she rose and went to the hall.  A large brown envelope lay on the mat.  It was addressed to Sara.  As peanut didn’t know a Sara she decided to open the package anyway.  Inside was a long letter, some photos.  The letter started …………

Dear Sara

Sorry we do not know what you are called now but this is the name your mother would have wished you to have.  She was young when she gave birth to you and not able to give you a good life, she hastily left you on the steps of an orphanage, hoping one day to return to explain.  You may wonder who we are and why it has taken us so long to contact you …………….

Peanut sank down to the floor and dropped the letter.  She curled up on the rug.   Finally she knew who she was, not Peanut but Sara.  She froze not able to read anymore.  That is where Matt found her when he returned a few hours later for lunch.  He held her tightly as they read the rest of the letter together.  It was two pages long and Peanut had to keep stopping to read the paragraphs over and over again.  Matt was patient with her and calmly read them too her, not sure how to take this news himself.

The End

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