Chapter 1Mature

Lord & Taylor

11:30 am May 11, 1973

“Ned, Ned, come back here Ned, you aren't supposed to walk into a lady's changing room without permission.”

“Damn, Steve, you take all the fun out of being a dog.” Steve said in a fake voice designed to sound like Ned was talking.

Ned was a beautiful 2 year old liver and white male, Springer Spaniel. Steve took Ned everywhere. If Ned wasn't welcome, then Steve didn't want to be there. Nothing like using your split personality to help you pick up women. Ned wasn't so much a second personality as he was an alter-ego. Ned could get away with way more than Steve could and did, quite often. Ned's official name was “Fuckhead Ned from Buckhead” as listed in the AKC register, telling us much about his owner.

Steve on the other hand was then a 24 year old carpenter who worked on repair and remodeling projects with his side kick, Ned the dog. Steve graduated from the University of Georgia in 1971 and had been working as a framer on a crew in Athens until coming to Atlanta to do something different. Steve was full of swagger and confidence, mostly because he had a third foot. By foot, I mean 12 inches, which seemed to be very attractive to women in the early 70's.

“I'm sorry, my friend Ned doesn't have any manners or shame it seems.”

“That's OK, he's a beautiful dog.” “My name is Barbara, what's yours?”

“Hey, I'm Steve Hancock, and you've met my assistant, Ned. We're working for the store to build a couple of more dressing rooms. Sorry to bother you”

“You aren't bothering me, my husband is a paint contractor, you guys should work together.”

“Tell him to call me. I've got a couple of jobs that need a painter, here's my number.”

The End

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