Does She See?

Does she see? Does she see the boy inside, the boy with the broken mind? does she see the pain he has, the pain he allows, the pain he gives himself? Does she see through what he says? Does she see the truth behind his face? Does she realize what he needs, what he wants? He tells her everything she needs to be the one he wants, but does she realize what she knows? Does she see him hiding, deep in a secluded corner of his mind, growing crazy as he walks through the world with a smile on his face? does she see the true him, the one hidden from the world? The one hidden from himself?

He walks along, helping every person who needs his assistance. He smiles and laughs, raising the spirits of all those he touches, but never partaking of the joy he gives. He walks through the world hiding behind a wall no one sees. He built this wall, and others assisted by pushing him and never trying to teach him what to do. They placed the bricks and created the foundation for him to become isolated from them all, never truly allowing any to be his friend. But then she came.

She showed him that maybe they weren't all bad, that not all of these humans were cold and foolish. She convinced him to allow her in.. where she then stabbed him in the heart, over and over again. He staggers from the blows she gave with her enchanted knife. In shock, he doesn't realize that the poison on the blade was a clever snare, used to bind him to her, to make him lose the little sanity he had left. He forgets about the pain, he forgets about what she did. every time, he would forget what she did, the snare blinding him to the pain she gave him. But all the while, there was another. Another girl, caring and trying to help. She never stabbed him, she never gave him pain. She only tried to help, to give him strength. 

The snare blinds the girl from his view, keeping him hidden away. He never truly saw her, this girl who cared, this girl he was hurting. He was aware of causing pain, but couldn't stop. He wasn't strong enough to break the bond, to leave the downhill path and climb back to the top. But the bond has grown weak, and he can finally see again. He finds himself at the top, king of his own mind, after stumbling for weeks to find the true path. 

The End

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