Peaceful Insanity

A boy who is confused and hurt, trying to keep from going crazy.

He lays on his bed, curled up in a ball. He plays the music, drowning all else. He whispers to himself, soothing words to calm his mind. He tries not to think, he tries to forget. But it keeps coming back. It all floods into his mind no matter what he does to forget. His thoughts he doesnt even acknowledge to himself, his thoughts of what he will do. He starts thinking of a specific idea, and curls up even tighter, trying so hard but in vain to withdraw in on himself. The music blasts all other sounds, killing his whispers as they leave his lips. He waits to even look at his phone, ignoring the flashing light when he does. No one can help him. They dont deserve to be let in. They haven't earned his respect. They dont try to help in the way he needs. None of them do understand, and because of that he leaves them. If they cant help or even put up an effort to try, they dont deserve his attention.

The End

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