Paytons writing (11-15)

It was super cold. She got chocolate. Mom twisted her ankle. It was Matts birthday. I got two letters from Dad. The natural gas is gone. Megan and Megans Mom died.

They seemed desperate to get the chocolate. They wanted something sweet and delicious. She  threw them in there on shopping day. "Miranda!" mom said, this is explain how made her mom is for eating without asking. Miranda got made because there not eating three meals a day and she is hoarding food.

They are being motivated quickly because they know that the world is coming to an end. They are desperate for more food, warmness, and many other things that they need to survive this devastating Moon disaster. They have to fast in order to survive. People are going to die sooner or later. In order to survive they will have to dod what they need to do. ( I'm not saying go kill everybody)

The End

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