Payton's Place (16-21)

Mrs.Nesbitt died in a her sleep. Her Mom and Jonny are sick. Miranda is well, she went to the hospital to get help. Everybody is dying because of a bad Flu, she finds a doctor and the doctor says for it to let it run its course. "Flu," Maggie said.

Survival and love are the main themes of this story because they strive to survive. Love kept them together, therefore they wouldn't go kill somebody for food. Miranda and her family survived with anything they could acquire. Love held them together, for example, Mrs.Nesbitt loved Miranda and her family, sadly Mrs.Nesbitt died but she had loved ones with her. Miranda and her family survived with love. 

Socially Miranda can't talk to her friends lovers outside of the household. Economically they all are probably going crazy in their minds, but they are focusing mainly on surviving. If economics comes to play in there journey of surviving, they will use it. Socially they need to get out there, and live!

The End

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