Pax Europea

“What do we do?” I aksed. He turned his head slowly towards the burning house. “We keep going”. "But they found us, they tried to kill us! "

I tried to look him in the eye, but I didn’t manage. There was something soothing though about his straight-back kind of posture. I felt at ease. And we went.

There was no car or at least no gas to fuel any of them. We’d come across cars scattered about. None of them useful. It takes days now to go from one town to another which before took only a few hours. “Listen son, I don’t know who they are or what they want, but they’ll be trying this again. So we need to keep walking”. His voice had a low screeching tone to it – you could also smell tobacco when you’d be close enough.

After 5 days a large dark shade emerged at the end of the road. As we came closer you could see it growing, pulsating. A dark grey bubble containing a verocious sea. Going any closer made a repulsive feeling emerging from my stomach. “What in Shangdu’s name is that?”

“That is Paris, it is burning”

The End

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