Paul's Story

This is a story about a man who was in debt and became free of it with support.

Paul was referred to us by a friend who was concerned that he hadn't seen him for a while at their weekly coffee get together.

Paul was a very active 75 year old who was still teaching part-time.  This is Paul's story.

Paul's Debt waived


Paul's wife of 35 years had died around 7 years ago and Paul had travelled extensively.  Using an internet cafe in Rome to move some funds around, Paul's bank account was compromised.  Paul was not aware of this until he was touring Turkey, and he found to his horror his accounts had been cleaned out.  Paul used his credit card to get back to Australia and went back to teaching to make ends meet.


A safe and secure retirement was but a memory and Paul was saddled with a $20,000 credit card debt to boot.


Recent education cutbacks meant that Paul's teaching hours were reduced and he was unable to meet all of his bills.  He was never going to be able to pay out his credit card.  Any payments he made were being eaten up with interest and fees.


Initially we negotiated a three month moratorium on Paul's credit card.  This means that he did not need to make any payments on the card and fees, charges and interest were frozen.


Paul is a proud man and reluctantly disclosed to us some health issues that had been troubling him of late.  Equipped with doctor's reports based upon our experience in dealing with hardship cases we made a presentation to his bank to waive the debt.

Result: The bank agreed to waive the entire credit card debt.


Paul is getting back on his feet without the burden of the credit card debt and now gets together with his friends for their weekly coffee meeting.

Its people's stories that matter to us.  Your debt may be $10,000 or $200,000.  We have a solution to suit your situation.

There are many, many more stories.  A phone call is all it takes.

Its no always a disaster.  We can help you.


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