Paul Fletcher

a young boy stumbles accross a suspicious looking character, only to find he is looking into the eyes of his forgotten past.....

Turning the dark, mildewy corner, he saw a wicked, evil-looking witch, with a set of glimmering purple robes with silver and gold moons and stars embroidered all over, wrapped tightly against her slim build. She had with her a black cat, dark as night with peircing yellow eyes, brighter than the lamps in the street before. she waved her oaken wand, and conjured an dark ebony door out of midair. The door creaked open, and without a second glance, hurried inside.

Paul followed her inside and found himself in a large circular room, with walls coated with hundreds and hundreds of colourful concoctions: some were crystal clear, others alternating between a shimmering turquoise and a deep purple. Some were giving off aromas of flowers, others the rancid stench of rotting flesh. Out of the corner of his eye, Paul was sure he spotted a large glass bottle with a thick , deep red liquid inside, which looked oddly like blood.

"ahh, well, well, well, who do we have here? Oh my, why its little paul fletcher, I've been waiting a long time for you m'dear," croaked the hag, who now had an oddly satisfied expression on her saggy face.

" umm, sorry to ask, but how the bloody hell d'you know my name?" asked paul, now feeling extremely contiencous.

" I know a lot of things m'dear" she cackled mysteriously. "sit down sit down, have a glass of honeysuckle sap sweetie, it'll make you feel so much better"

"but miss-?"

"Frogspawn my dear, now drink up."

"I dont see why i need this I dont feel-"

"shut  the bloody hell up and drink the damn sap!" The witch snapped her face was now disturbingly contorted.

Paul took a sip and indeed it was a wonderful feeling, a warm trickling sensation was crawling down his gullet, ancting like a central heating system as the liquid sank gently into his stomach. He suddenly felt light headed.

"nighty night" cackled the witch hysterically.

All was black.

* * * *

this was written last year when i was twelve, please forgive the spelling mistake etc,


The End

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