Three Hundred and Ninety Moons

Few survive The Change.

Fewer still become anything but monstrous or mindless.

He was one of those few. He had undergone the change five times. Five times he had transmuted into another race and become another face.

It hurt. Every time. That was the reason for The Change, though. The Change was a reminder that Man was not alone in their fabricated worlds.  A curse, to punish Man for forcing the Peoples from among them, and then forgetting

The Changeling will experience the pain of the forgotten Peoples, the time lost, the rejection, until it succumbs. Fighting the Change is similar to fighting daybreak - pointless and painful. It will then take the form of a forgotten One, and must live among Man as a bridge between the race and Man, until the forgotten race has been appeased.

One child every decade is born with the burden of The Change; if the Changeling touches another child during the age of understanding, that child will also receive the curse. The Changeling will experience the first Change under it's three hundred and twelfth moon - and then every thirteenth moon following. 

That is, if the the Changeling survives.

It is said that the Curse will be lifted when all of the forgotten races have been manifested through Changelings. There are said to be as many races as there are sands in the sea.

IT IS HERE that we rejoin our man, now understood to be a Changeling, writhing upon the soil, succumbing to the change, and trying to avoid the touch of an innocent.

We must pity him readers, for this horrific day, a day of starvation, rejection, and desperation, is his three hundred and ninetieth moon.

It is his birthday. 

The End

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