Putting her small little hands in the pockets of her dress, she sat in the middle of the clearing cross legged looking into the mist. It was as though even despite the fact she could not see him through the mist and yet, she still knew he was there.

"Are you afraid?" she asked, putting her head at an angle. Her little innocent voice at odds with the surrounding mist. Strangely amazed at how easily she was willing to talk to him, he called back to her through the trees.

"Me? Afraid? Never."  

Hearing his reply, she paused for a moment before replying to him in her innocent and quiet little voice.

"Then why are you so sad?"

These words, which were spoken in such blissful, childish ignorance felt like a hundred different knives stabbing into his heart all at the same time and brought back a flood of memories that he had kept buried in the back of his mind. Crashing to his knees, he bowed his head and replied in a whisper that was carried through the mist like a leaf in the wind.

"Because I am so very much alone"

The End

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