Patched Pink Dresses

Come one come all! I want to colab with anyone interested. Take my starters for a spin!

She stood there, staring.

She stood there, in a patched pink dress, stockinged feet, and flyaway braids, looking up, up at him

"You're awful tall." She whispered. And he was tall, taller than the tree with the tire swing in the park, taller than Davidson the sweet tempered giraffe at the zoo, and much taller than any man should be. He trembled, and turned ashen at her words. He hadn't realized that she had seen him. She shouldn't have seen him.

"You aren't afraid?" His voice was foreign in his own ears. She shook her head and extended a tiny hand to him. He reached out, and then faded into the the gloaming night fog.

The End

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