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Chapter 2

The change of light snapped me out of my shock and I noticed the sun was coming up. What how could that be? And why where all these people up so early? Sheash……you wouldn’t catch me up this early in my life unless it was an emergency! The people stopped there staring probably having better stuff to do than look at me which is a relief. I don’t like people watching me but I still feel someone is watching me.... I felt a slight tugging on my sleeve. I spun around in one quick movement to see who was doing this. The boy who was tugging at my sleeve stepped backward at my sudden movement. Now facing this boy I could see only curiosity and kindness in his eyes which surprised me. The eyes from other people that stared at me before had cruelty in them even though I did not look in there eyes directly. The boy had sandy blond hair with brown eyes that had a twinkle in them. His face was shattered with faint freckles, his lips cracked from the long days at work, his face structure was round and his check bones high and sharp, his nose a bit crooked but nice looking. He was the skinniness person I have ever seen, his cloths looked like they were going to fall off him. The expression on my face must have looked very strange since his smile faded and confusion overtook in his expression.

“Tally” he whispered obviously to me.

What was this boy talking about I’m not a Tally but a Jane.

“Um…sorry I think your mistaking me for someone else” I said politely but with strictness to get the message through.

A smile lighted up the boys face and he started laughing gasping for air he said in jaggedy breaths.
 “Tally.. stop…. Joking… I… know.. it… is…you. Now come on and let’s get home. And where have you been anyway mum has been in a mess since you left 6 months ago” Who does he think I am!!! I’m not Tally for goodness sake I wanted to yell. And whats all this jazz about me not being here for 6 months and mum has been in a mess?? That is beyond my thinking.

“Ok ill go with you but tell me something first what is your name?”

“What? You’re askin my name sister? What happened to you? And your cloths.” He rushed out.

“Well for one I am asking your name. And I’m not your sister I already told you that. My name is Jane.” I said pointedly.

“no you are tally my sister who has been missing for 6 months with out so much as a letter to us!!! You know how much pain you put us through!!!!!!!!! You don’t even remember my name….” he put so much sadness in that last line that my eyes started blurring and my throat got clogged. Then I felt a sudden hotness on my cheeks. A salt tear brushed my hand and I lost it. I didn’t cry just because of what my “brother” said but for not knowing what this place is, for my mom and what she would do without me, my dad for leaving us and all those days at school that I got teases and bullied for everything I did! Then I felt arms around me and for a minute I forgot where I was since I couldn’t see from my tears blurring my vision.

“Shhhh…..shhhh…it’s all right your ok now. Your ok.” I felt hot air in my ear and look to where the voice was coming form. It was my supposedly brother and everything since I got to the town was rushing back to my head it was overpowering. I felt my knees start to buckle and I fell to the ground bringing the boy with me, who I was still clutching for comfort. I hit the ground hard but didn’t get hurt except for probably a couple bruises. I looked at the boy to make sure he is ok and he was, he just had this concerned expression on his face.

“Sorry” I said barley a whisper in the wind but he heard it.

“Tally who did this to you?”

Nobody did this to me! I wanted to scream but my voice didn’t come for me no matter how mad I am. My voice wouldn’t come for me—his question confussed me….my thoughts are jumbled together causing a buzzing inside my head like a swarm of bees. This over powered me. Can’t think. Can’t breath. Can’t see since my tear bleard eyes. OR speak. My throat was dry and I was to tired to answer his question which I didn’t know the answer to.

BLACKOUT…… O NO…NO…NO…No…..not again!!! I lost all my sences and now my soul was floating freely in the blackness having no sense of direction.                                                   Wait….there in the distance, a faint glow. A picture. A distant Memory. It is soo strong that I feel the emotions of this memory.

I’m in a little dirt road and a house more like a hut is to the side of me. Nature is surrounding me and I think I hear  a stream in the distance and a faint clattering of work from the town. I’m tired. Breathing hard. Restlessness is in my bones. Every sense in my body is at its highest .I hear a slight crunch of rocks behind me. Spinning around I see my “brother”. A little scream escapes my lips but not from fright but of excitement. I take off flying across the ground, running at my fullest. He’s chasing me now, following my every step. THUD…THUD….THUD… I hear it behind me. I wind in out of trees and bushes to try to escape my pursuer but he wont quite and I know it. I use my last burst of energy to try and escape to the safeness of the hut which is about 100 yards away. I’m running fast now but I feel myself slowing down, I will myself to go on but my legs aren’t obeying. My “brother” catches up to me quickly.

“gotcha” he screams with soo much joy that I feel anger and want to play again and again till he gets it in his mind that he will never beat me again.

“I gotcha….I gotcha” making a victory face.

“soo what Tristan! Well play again tomorrow.” I said with such calmness that he stoped his jeering and put on his game face.


Then I’m back. Back to the present. To my “brother” who now I know is Tristan. We are sitting down in the dirt, still clutching each other. Shaking my head I open my eyes and I see Tristan’s cheeks smeared with tears.

“Tally your ok! Your eyes got all blank and you kinda just slumped in my arms but your eyes were still open..” shaking his head he continued “I was shaking and shaking you but you did nothing…thought you were dead…” trailing off with a tint of fear in his voice.

“I’m ok….Tristan….”I started to say….


The blackness takes me again. I Fight to keep it off but it is useless, it feel like I’m plunging in and out of black water and cant escape…..I wonder what I look like to Tristan right now….then another distant memory comes to me….

        The blackness of the night consumes me like a blanket. I am night; nobody can hear or see me but I can see them… I let my eyes adjust to the black night and continued walking stealthily looking for my prey. I’m on a hunt but not for animals….there is a slight movement in the very corner of my sight. I turn around and see nothing but there are many places to hide for whoever is following me. I pretend to not care about it and start walking again but of course I’m not that stupid, I still watch for the person behind me looking in the corners of my eyes. Whoever it is takes the bait…..without even seeing the features of this persons face I can smell a faint smell in the air it’s like a dirty animal, BO, and rum. The steps behind me are uneven and so he…I’m just guessing it is a man….has drank recently. I stop walking and the guy stops behind me. For an act I shrug my shoulders and I hear the man exhale but when he thinks I’m going to start walking again I spin around and look at his face…….

          Gasping for breath I cough. I have to tell myself to breathe in and out to calm myself. Without opening my eyes I know I’m in Tristan’s arms. My body is shaking beyond my control. I heard Tristan take a gulp of air.

“Tally you ok??” Tristan asked worried.

It took me a couple seconds to find my voice to answer him.

        “Yah I’m ok just let me rest for a couple minutes….my head hurts really bad.” I croaked. I hope he understood what I said.

Tristan said nothing but letting me rest with my eyes closed I was close to falling asleep when I heard footsteps walking toward us. I felt Tristan moved one of his arms off me and made a gesture to this person.

“Tristan….where did you find her…” the woman said lost for words. The woman’s voice was gentle and kind but I could tell she had been through a lot since there was a hint of sadness in her voice. This was a voice of a mother I could tell, I don’t know how I knew that but I was sure I heard this voice before somewhere. 


The End

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