As I LeftMature

With everything sorted, I spent the rest of the summer realizing that maybe I did like these people as more than just casual acquaintances, and if I actually talked o them they were pretty cool. I promised them loads of Cadbury and tacky souvenirs, and packed enough clothes for 10 months.

When I arrived at the gate I was morbidly jet lagged, and purchased the offending energy drinks for three times the amount they were worth. I had no idea what anyone as saying – I handed very oddly coloured bills and was handed heavy golden coins in return, they couldn’t figure out how my credit card worked, and I wasn’t entirely sure either.

I was extremely grateful to get off the train and see a sign reading ‘Mehgan Raithes’, so I could stop pretending I understood.

That’s when I saw him, of course, and my year abroad truly began.


The End

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