Why I WentMature

Mom had decided that I wasn’t getting a good enough education in high school, I had straight A’s, and had already taken four AP classes between freshman and sophomore year, but I was bored. Except for both Aprils, where I crammed three quarters of knowledge into a month of revision, like every other AP student, I never had any homework. I spent a lot of time watching people on the internet talk about nothing, and watching stupid shows about people in cities far more interesting than my own drinking, partying, and doing drugs that they had obtained, apparently, out of nowhere. So when her friend told her she had family inEnglandthat had taken her daughter in the year before, as an exchange student of sorts, she asked if I might be interested in doing the same.

Theses people had four kids, but only the 19 year old lived at home, the other three had left, and they had loads of spare bedrooms. Katherine had been e-mailing me all summer, telling me about the ‘fab parties’ she went to and how ‘off [her] face’ she always was, so I figured it couldn’t be too ad. I didn’t really have many friends atHamilton, just acquaintances who invited me to the movies or birthdays or whatever as kind of a ‘filler’ – I wasn’t invited if four people were going, but I almost always was if they were closer to 10.

I told mom yes, and she discussed it with my dad, who didn’t care as long as it wasn’t going to cost him more than the plane tickets and whatever I would have spent in California. I also wouldn’t be getting my license, something I secretly loved, since I’m terrified of driving.

The End

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