Passports and AbsintheMature

When Mehgan is sent to sixth form in Bristol, her life finally begins to look like those entirely unrealistic television shows set in interesting cities. It may not be the best plotline though, when she falls for her host - who is twice her age. . . Is it just the accent, or will the next ten months be very interesting?

I knew from the moment I saw him that I was totally in love. True, I’d just had two cans of energy drink to avoid falling asleep at three in the afternoon, and I was unaccustomed to their accents, so I didn’t understand half of what he said, but he way he smiled, his assumption that I was ‘too smart to be from the south’, his voice – I couldn’t help it, I had a crush, and this was a problem.

When one has spent all summer with very little human contact, and the summer is then extended an extra three weeks because one is  going to attend a sixth form college (whatever that is, but it definitely sounds a lot fancier than ‘Hamilton High School’), one desires something new. So upon arriving inBristol, I seemed to realize that every guy there was extremely attractive. The guy who got off in front of me at the airport, the guy on the train who checked to see if I had the right ticket (I justhadto buy a child’s ticket! Why couldn’t I spend an extra 4 pounds and not have him think I was 15?!), and, now, my 33 year old ‘brother’.

The End

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