A Friendship

Every night for a month, I would go into the stable and just look at him. Slowly, he would trust me more and more. I would soon be putting a headcollar on him, and teaching him to lead around the yard. I would often muck him out, which was good for him. Whenever Jane was out I would hose out the whole stable and put fresh straw down.

One day, Jane decided to get the stallion tamed. This scared me. Was she going to put someone on him, and they would ruin everything I had done? I knew suddenly what I had to do.

That night, I stood outside his stable and gave him an apple. While he munched happily, I put put a headcollar on him. He ignored me, and was totally calm as I took him out.

I then led him out of his stable, and into the menage. I looked at him, took the headcollar off and let him go in the menage. He galloped about, and look like the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

Although months locked away had caused his muscles to waste away, he had enough energy to last a lifetime. He galloped around, bucking and rearing joyously. In his terrorfying gallop, not once did he look at me with anger, but he looked at me with thankfulness and kindness and love.

He reared up, his head tucked into his chest, neck arched, eyes glowing with power. For a moment, his whole body was frozen in my mind with an image that stayed with me forever. His scrawny shoulder muscles looked changed, they looked huge and wonderful as they had when he had first come to the yard. His back stretched down, arched in the perfect shape. His ribs were visible, as often he had been so wild in his stable that people had feared to five him his food. His hindquarters had a bone jutting out of them that was covered in shadow, and instead they shone in the moonlight. For a moment, his head lifted and blocked out the moon. Then, he came up higher, and striking out with a hoof, he appeared to be trying to kick the moon. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was the most amazing sight of my life.

The End

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