Better Dreams

This is just a passage from a story I've been working on for a while, that still does not have a name. Not everything is in its place, but I have passages written with ideas that I want to follow. This passage is one that I wrote for the first chapter, but I've no clue of where I want it, so I took it out, and decided to share it. Who knows if it will even end up in my final drafts?

This passage is between Cory and Thad, two of my main characters. Cory is the main character of whom the plot f

I sat up so fast the little breath I still had escaped my body and I struggled for air. My hands caught at my neck and I gasped, like a fish out of water with cracked lips and sweat running down my back as the panic settled in. I hopped out of bed and ran for the kitchen, when I reached the cupboards, I threw the fragile doors open and frantically searched for a cup. Once I had one in my hands, I fumbled for the sink faucet and hurried to turn it on and fill my cup, then my body with some water. I brought the cup to my lips and drained every last drop of the cool liquid. Slamming the cup on the counter in relief, I stood there, panting to catch my breath.

I walked into the living area and plopped down on the old couch that sat in the middle of the room. There were holes where springs popped out of them, and cotton from the seat cushions exploded as I sat. My breathing was still pretty heavy as I rested my hand upon my chest, closing my eyes. I started to drift back to sleep when I heard footsteps along the wooden floor. I wasted no time jumping to my feet, grabbing an ugly paisley print pillow that didn't even match the couch, and throwing it in the direction of which the footsteps were coming from.

"What the-?" I heard familiar muffled voice groan, and I relaxed behind the couch.
"Sorry." I breathed without looking at him as he came around to the coffee table in front of me. He sat down, rest his elbows on his knees and looked at me with a worried, yet humorous expression. Our faces barely three inches apart.
"Did I scare you?" He whispered, and I shoved him back which didn't phase him in the least. He may have swayed a bit, but his hard, muscular build stood firm against my weak attempt.
When we settled back to the same spots, I rolled my eyes. "Maybe a bit," I said through a yawn. "Had a bad dream, needed a drink, tired..." I said barely comprehensible.
I could picture the smile on Thad's face as he said, "I was wondering what was going on down here. You're lucky Asher isn't home, or he would've come down with a hatchet thinking you were some kind of burglar." He finished and I could feel his face getting closer.
"Tired," I said to his sudden proximity. I wasn't in the mood for teasing, and when I got awkward like this, Thad knew what was up. He sat back.
"You want to go back to bed?" He asked after a few moments of silence.
Through another yawn I grumbled and disgruntled "Yes." I closed my eyes then, and I heard his footstep leave the room only to come back, and when I felt a blanket cover my body, I opened my eyes just enough to see him.
He had a sweet smile on his face as he patted my feet, crossed the room and turned off the light from the small lamp in the corner of the room. But before he did, he spoke, "Better dreams, Cory."
The End

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