Initial Modifications, Dr. R.H. Greyson, M.D.

Alyce’s reverie was broken by the abrupt entrance of an orderly, dressed in sterile blue and holding a clipboard in one gloved hand. She waited patiently at the door as Wox switched off her glasses and glided forward. Alyce started nervously from her chair and followed the two women into the clinic, stumbling over the untied laces on her feet.

“Follow me, please.” The orderly’s platform heels clicked sharply on the tile floor as she led Wox and Alyce down several long corridors, past offices and conference rooms decked with television screens, before arriving at a room marked INITIAL MODIFICATIONS, DR. R.H. GREYSON, M.D.

“Please have a seat.” The orderly motioned Alyce toward an examination table in the center of a sparsely furnished, windowless room. The only things covering the walls were a set of large monitor screens, attached to a computer set on a wide wooden desk in one corner of the office. The orderly switched on the light above the examination table and wheeled over a small trolley equipped with various examining tools, cables, remotes, and wiring. She placed a syringe on the top of the trolley. Alyce cringed.

The Mod orderly approached the computer, keyed a sequence of information, and the monitors blinked to life. The mech band on her arm then started to light up with a series of signals, which she seemed to acknowledge briefly. Then with a decisive click, click, click of her heels across the floor, the orderly floated over to the exam room door.

“Dr. Greyson will begin the examination shortly.” With a swift open and shut, the orderly swept out of the room, leaving Alyce with the faint whir of the computer and flickering of the monitors in the background.

The End

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