Belle has been assigned to bring Crystal up to speed on the work she's missed. An unlikely pair. Will they be able to survive?


Why me? Belle mentally screamed bashing her head down against the hard wood of her desk. Why did she have to get stuck with that snooty bitch Crystal Zabini?

‘Ow!’ she lifted her head a hand smacked against her forehead were a large bruise had started forming five minutes ago.

‘Are you okay?’ Belle looked up at whoever it was and her jaw dropped.

‘Y-yeah I’m fine’ belle stared up at Crystal Zabini standing there in a short skirt and a low-cut top leaning forward over her desk revealing her deep cleavage. A hand stroked across belles’ forehead pushing her long fringe to one side to reveal the bruise, and lingering far longer than necessary.

‘You should get that checked out’ Crystal stated a hint of care lurking within her intoxicating voice.

‘Self inflicted wounds don’t stray far from your personal records’ belle stated shaking her fringe back into place and giving a weak smile before returning to her laptop.

‘Well, Old Seamus reckons you’re the right person to fill me in’ Crystal pulled up a chair and sat a little too close for comfort. Belle swallowed. There was a lump rising in her throat. A warm hand stroked up her thigh ‘will you help to…fill me in?’ crystal asked in a lustful whisper causing belle’s heart to race unbearably within her chest.

‘O-of course’ belle shook her head to rid her mind of certain…images.

‘What’s wrong? You look a little…flushed’ crystal half smirked as belles cheeks grew pink. You know bloody well what’s wrong you perv belle snapped in her head but proceeded to fill crystal in on the past month trying as best she could to ignore the fingers stroking her crotch. Focus belle she snapped to herself although it was a little hard with crystal’s breath creeping about her neck and her hand slowly stroking her crotch, making her grow wet. Belle was thankful for the end of the day it was a momentary bliss until…‘BELLE WAIT’ Crystal came jogging up to her side and walked in stride with her ‘thank you, for filling me in today’


‘Although you looked as if you had something… bothering you’

Belle shoved crystal up to a nearby wall pinning her by the throat ‘you know bloody well what my problem was’ she spat venomously.

‘What?’ crystal asked innocently.


‘Oh well sorry’ crystal snapped not sounding sorry at all.

‘Sure you are’ belle turned to continue up the street but it was her turn to be slammed against the wall only this time crystal’s lips were latched to her own kissing viciously. Belle was caught in a wave of lust, passion and a smidge of anxiety. When crystal pulled away she ran a hand through her hair and looked down at belle. ‘W-what the fuck was that for?’ belle stammered in shock.

Crystal shrugged ‘felt like it’

‘You are so typical’ belle growled ‘it’s always about you. Never mind kissing people you hardly know anymore never mind kissing your partner never mind kissing the fucking girl who loved you for so long and you abused it’

‘I had no idea you felt like that’ crystal admitted.

‘Well now you do’

‘How can I make it up to you?’

‘You can’t’


‘YOU CAN’T NOW LEAVE. ME. ALONE!!!’ But crystal wasn’t about to let belle get away. Not now. She grabbed the smaller woman’s hand and apparated to her flat up London.




‘Morning Celly’ Polaris grinned as the two grabbed a cup of coffee in the canteen. ‘Have you seen crystal? I need to give her this memo’

‘No sorry, have you seen belle?’

‘No’ just then both women in question entered the canteen and grabbed some coffee. ‘Hey guys’ Polaris grinned ‘how are you?’

‘Fine’ they both said. Belle blushed faintly as she sipped her coffee.  Just then Crystal’s digital-watch bleeped.

‘Oooh gotta go bye’ Crystal smiled and downed the rest of her coffee ‘last night was great’ she whispered to belle.

‘Well if you have worked to do now maybe I can…help?’

‘You’re always welcome to help’ belle grinned as they both walked out leaving their two work-colleagues with their jaws descending to the basement eight-five floors below them.


The End


The End

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