love at first sight

Chapter one
love at first sight

it was a windy day in France. This was unusual. As I walked down the path to her house I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her dark brown hair framed her face, her green eyes glowing. Her dress was torn, she must have fallen over. It was at that moment that her hat flew off. She tried to catch it but was too late. She limped down the side walk, trying to get her hat back. As it flew past me I caught it in my hands. She bumped into me before she could stop. She fell to the ground, blood oozing out of the cut on her knee.
"Oh my, I'm so sorry sir. I didn’t see you stood there" Her voice was like a drug sinning to me. Not that I would know what that felt like. I held my hand out, offering to help her up. She took my hand and steadied her self.
"Doesn’t worry about it miss" I gave her hat back and smiled. When she smiled at me, it nearly knocked the breath out of me.
"Er thank you sir" What I would give to get to know her. I looked at my watch. Oops, I was late to meet marina. Ugh. Don’t you just hate arranged marriages? I didn’t even like the girl. She was nasty and vindictive. I started to walk off.
"Wait sir" Her hand was reached out towards me. I so badly wanted to take her hand and lock it with mine.
"I don’t know your name. Would you tell me?" I would do anything for you. I thought in my head.
"Stefan. Would you tell me yours?" So I can track you down later. I added mentally.
"Lily-may" That was a beautiful name, just like her.
"Well it was nice to meet you, Lily-may"
"Yes and you Stefan" I looked at my watch again. God dam it! I was so late.
"I have to go. Take care Lily-may"
"Yes you too Stefan" I nodded and gave her a smile. As I walked to Marina's house all I could think about was Lily-may. She was perfect in every way. I could have gotten her phone number, but no I had to be stupid and leave. Her face filled my mind. I was going to find out where she lived. As I approached Marina's house I saw her stood in the garden with her arms crossed over her chest. I could almost see the steam coming out of her ears. I was in trouble.
"Where the hell have you been?" She demanded when I was almost there.
"I...bumped into an old friend"
"Humph" Oh leave me alone. Why did she even need my here? She would take care of everything without even asking for my opinion. She dragged me to the sofa and began ranting and raving about something. All Afternoon my mind was filled with nothing but Lily-May’s face, her voice. Then I remembered that she had hurt her leg. Dam. I should have helped her get home.
"Are you even listening to me, Stefan?" Her voice asked.
"Sorry, what did you say?" Like I wanted to know.
"What do you think?" She held up a picture or a wedding cake.
"It looks very nice" She sighed.
"Why are you so distracted?" Hmm let me see. Reason no.1 I love someone else, reason no.2 because I don’t love you and finally reason no.3 you are evil. I so wanted to say those reasons out loud.
"I'm not feeling very well" I so hope she believed that so I could pretend I was going home when really I was going to track down Lily-may.
"Go home; I don’t want to catch anything you have" Oh thanks.
"Thank you. I will call you tomorrow if I can’t make it"
"Ok, bye" I walked out of the door and walked back in the direction I had come from. As I walked past the park something caught my eyes. Lily-may was sat on the swing crying. I walked up to her to see if I could help.
"Lily-may?" I asked my voice gentle. As soon as she spotted me she whipped her tears away.
"Are you ok?"
"I'm fine" No she wasn’t. She was very upset.
"If you’re ok then why are you crying?"
"I don’t want to burden you with my problems" Was this girl for real? I had to fine a way to make her mine.
"I don’t mind. I want to help" I wanted much more than that.
"Well I have being forced to marry" What a coincidence.
"That is a coincidence"
"I have being forced to marry too. I'm guessing you don’t like this guy?" She shook her head.
"I hate him"
"Why?" I sat down on the swing next to her.
"He...he..." The words seemed to get stuck in her throat. I was sure I knew what she was going to say.
"He dose things to me" Her tear oozed down her face. Her head fell into her hands, kike she was ashamed. I wanted to kill him for doing this to her. She was a delicate flower who should be treated as such.
"Doesn’t anyone else know?" She shook her head slowly.
"Maybe you should tell your family?"
"They wouldn’t believe me" How could anyone not trust those eyes?
"My family is very different from any other. They believe that a man should have complete control over the woman and they believe that the man they pick is the god's gift" She was right, her family was strange, but she wasn’t.
"Do you not believe in those things?"
"Absolutely not. Everyone should have their own say in things. I do not want to be in a relationship where the man takes advantage of me" I agreed with her. We where so much alike.
"Isn’t there anything you can do?"
"No, my parent’s word is final. No one argues with their decisions" I would. I would fight to the last bone for her. If she only knew that I could protect her in a way no one else could. It began to drop dark.
"I better get home; he will be waiting for me to..."
"I don’t think you should go home tonight"
"Where else would I go?"
"You could come home with me?" Oh crap. Shut it Stefan.
"I don’t even know you" Oh how much I wish you did.
"Please? I don’t like the sound of this guy. He could hurt you" She seemed to struggle with the answer.
"What would I wear?"
"I have a sister, she is close to your size, she would let you borrow something"
"er ok then" It had gotten really dark and she was struggling to see where she was walking. I took her hand and led her forward. I could have sworn blind I saw her smile. After about 10 minuets of walking we reached my house. Kathie was sat on the porch.
"Who is this Stefan?" She smiled at Lily-may.
"This is Lily-may"
"Nice to meet you. I'm Kathie"
"Nice to meet you too Kathie. It is a very beautiful name"
"Thank you, so is yours" I had a feeling they would get along.
"Oh Kathie?"
"Yes, Stefan?"
"Would it be possible if Lily-may borrowed some of your cloths?"
"Of course. Take what you need"
"Thank you" I led her inside and introduced her to the rest of my family. Kathie met us in my room.
"Can I speak with you Stefan?"
"Yes, Ill be right back" I closed the door.
"What is it Kathie?"
"Do you think Lily-may should share my room tonight?"
"Yes that would be a good idea"
"I like her a lot so please bring her here again"
"Kathie she was very upset when I saw her in the park"
"What? Why? I'm going to kick their butt" I told her about are convocation in the park.
"But she is so fragile and tiny. Hoe could anyone do that to her?"
"I was thinking the same thing. Trust me" We walked into my room and saw her staring out of the window.
"Would you like to sleep in my room tonight? We could have some girly fun"
"Is it ok if I just call you Lily?"
"Sure" She took Lily-May’s hand and led her to Kathie's room. I walked down stairs to find my mom waiting for me. She wasn’t the one who was making me marry, that was my step father.
"I know son, you don’t want to marry Marina, you want to marry Lily-may"
"How do you know?" Where all my family turning into mind readers now?
"I can tell by the way you look at her. I think you would be the perfect mach, but your father doesn’t think so"
"Stepfather. What dose it have to do with him? Why can’t I just make my own decisions?"
"Because we live in the olden times. This is how it is"
"But mom he..."
"Yeah. I found her crying in the park that was when she told me. I didn’t want her to go home to him where he could take advantage of her"
"Sweetie, its not really are position to say anything about that" I walked away. Was I the only one who cared about her fiancé raping her? I could hear them talking in Kathie's room.
"So do you like my brother?"
"Do you really like him? Like really really like him?"
"Yes, but I'm being forced to marry"
"So is Stefan. Those dosents stop him from liking you"
"He likes me?"
"Have you not seen the way he looks at you?"
"No not really"
Thanks Kathie, just go ahead and embarrass me, I don’t mind. I heard Kathie come downstairs.
"She likes you"
"I know I heard" And I wish I could do something about it.
"Oh well I have to get back to Lily, I'm doing her make-up"
"Don’t you think she should sleep? She isn’t one of us, Kathie"
"Oh I forgot. Shoot" She went back upstairs. I walked up behind her to my room. I put some music on and chilled out on my bed. Someone knocked on my bedroom door.
"Come in" The door creaked open and Lily-may peered through my door.
"Um do you mind if I talk to you?
"Of course come in" She tiptoed in and sat on the end of my bed. I turned the music off. She began to blush. It was the most beautiful blush I had ever seen.
"What can I do for you?"
"Um Kathie told me me" Oh man. Time to tell the truth.
"Er yes" A beautiful smile crossed her face.
"I like you too" Did she mean the way that I meant it? Silence filled the air. A very awkward one. Right on cue she yawned and went to exit my room.
"Well I think I will get some sleep. Night."
"Sleep well" She smiled and nodded. I heard Kathie and Lily-may talking again.
"I love him Kathie, I don’t know what to do"
"Well you could always live with us?"
"I can’t. Im getting married next week"
"Why don’t you leave him then? Stefan told me what he dose to you"
"He also told you about my families beliefs?"
"Yes. You know I love you like a sister"
"But we've only just meet"
"I know but I can tell that you and Stefan are meant to be together"
"What will I do about my family though?"
"We will take care of that"
"I'm sorry I shouldn’t have come. I have to get back home"
"Wait you cant go. What about Stefan?"
"I will see him when I see him. It was nice to meet you Kathie"
"Please don’t go?"
"Sorry I have to"
I got off my bed and opened my door in time to see her almost running out of Kathie's bedroom.
"Im so sorry Stefan. Goodbye"
"Wait, let me walk you home?"
"Its ok I can call my mom. She will come and get me"
"When will I see you again?"
"I don’t know. I guess Ill see you around"
"Will you call me when you get home? Just so I know that you have made it home” She wrote her number down on a hankachive and gave it to me.
"Thank you"
"Goodbye" Was this true? We had only just admitted to each other that we loved each other and now she was leaving to go get married to a guy who rapes her!
"Goodbye" I whispered. As soon as the door closed I ran up to my room.
"Stefan? Kathie asked while knocking on my door.
"Go away" I moaned.
"Stefan, please listen to me"
"No go away"
"What?" She was getting on my nerves now. I just wanted to be left alone.
"You need to go get her"
"Why? She clearly doesn’t want to be with me"
"She is in danger" I jumped off my bed and ran to the door.
"What happened?"
"She called her fiancé to come and get her, but when he arrived he threw a bag over her and threw her in the car" I was going to kill him.
"Where did he go?"
"He went into the forest. Go!" I took my car keys and ran out of the house. I was at an advantage because I was a vampire so I was faster than he was. I drove to the forest. I got to a point where I couldn’t get any further with my car. I got out of my car and ran. I caught the scent of her blood. I followed the trail of blood until it ended. I looked around and saw a bag on the ground.
"Lily-may!" I called out. I heard a groan in response. I ran to the bag and ripped the bag apart.
"Lily-may" She was covered in blood. I took her into my arms.
"Shhh I'm here. Are you ok?"
"My...head...hurts" I rested my hand on her cheek.
"Let’s get you home"
"I don’t want to go home!" She cried.
"I mean my house. You wont be going anywhere near him" I scooped her into my arms and ran to my car. I put her on the back seat. All through the drive she whispered my name. I had to admit that made me a little bit happy, but I was really angry.
"Stefan" He voice was barely a whisper.
"We're nearly there, just hold on" She looked like she was about to pass out. I parked the car and got her out.
"Stefan, is she ok?"
"I don’t know, she just keeps whispering my name"
"We better get her inside"
"Where is mom?"
"Her and peter have gone out" Kathie opened the door and motioned for me to go in. I took her to my room and put her on the bed.
"Lily-may, are you ok?"
"My throat hurts" What did he do to her? Every part of her hurt.
"Do you want some water?"
"Yes please" I looked at Kathie. She nodded and went to go get her drink.
"I'm so sorry, Stefan"
"For what?"
"I should have let you take me home"
"I forgive you" I smiled at her. Kathie came in with her drink.
"Here you go, Lily" She passed Lily-may her drink.
"Thank you" After she took a sip of her drink her head fell against the pillow.
"Of course" She left the room. I lay down next to her.
"I love you"
"I love you too” Was shocked when she said it, but she probably didn’t mean it. She was ill. She snuggled closer to me. I was finally getting my wish, but this was not the war I wanted it to happen. I looked down at her and remembered she was still covered in blood.
"Would you like to take a shower?" Her eyes opened slowly
"Yes please, the smell is making me feel sick"
"Kathie" I shouted. She peeped out of her bedroom door.
"Could you help Lily-may shower?"
"Of course. I have some cloths she can change into"
"Thank you" She took Lily-may into her arms. I lay on my bed and thought about Lily-may.
I was glad she would be in my arms tonight, but I wasn’t sure how long that would last. I defiantly didn’t want her going back to that sociopath. My bedroom door opened. Lily-may walked in slowly.
"You look exhausted"
"Yeah" I folded back the covers and motioned for her to get under.
"I am very grateful. Thank you"
"My pleasure" She rested her head against me and quickly fell asleep. I watched her while she slept. Her face was peaceful, her breathing slow and gentle. I stroked her cheek. Her skin was smooth as satin. Hours past when the sun began to rise. She started to stir, and I could tell she would wake up soon. I wanted to keep staring at her peaceful face while she slept. Her eyes fluttered open. I smiled at her.
"How are you?"
"My head hurts" She moaned in a low voice. She rested her head against me. I gently kissed the top of her head.
"A little, thank you" I smiled at her. Her smiled faded and I grew anxious.
"What is wrong?"
"I was just thinking about my family"
"I don’t want to go back"
"You don’t have to"
"But won’t my family think that I am missing?"
"Kathie will sort it out"
But what will your parents say?"
"My mom won’t mind and my dad is always out so he wont mind" She smiled.
"Hmmm, I guess I need to go shopping" Kathie knocked on the door.
"Come in, Kathie"
"I heard the word shopping"
"yes, Lily-may needs to go shopping"
"Yes, I know the perfect place"
"Its really up to Lily-may-"
"Call me Lily"
"Ok, its up to Lily where she wants to shop"
"I don’t mind where I shop, just as long as I get something nice"
"When do you want to go?" Kathie asked.
"Sure" Lily sat up and stretched then fell back onto the pillow and put her arms around me. I smiled. I kissed her fore head.
"So do you want this to be an all day shopping spree?"
"No thanks, I just need some cloths I actually like"
"Oh well maybe another day then?"
"Yeah sure" She left the room.
"Dose she go wild when she shops?" She asked in a timid voice.

"Yes, but she's not that bad. She won’t force you to buy something if you don’t like it" She yawned.
"Ugh. I'm so tired"
"Why don’t you shop online?"
"Hmm Ill do it later"
"Are you hungry?"
"Um no not really" We sat in silence for a few minuets.
"So dose this mean that we are going out?" I was so glad she had asked that.
"Um if you want" Her heartbreaking smile crossed her face. Kathie burst into my room.
"I'm so happy for you two! We have to go out to celebrate"
"It’s a surprise. So is that a yes?" I looked at Lily.
"Um ok" Kathie smiled then skipped out of the room.
"You wouldn’t happen to have any books would you?"
"Sure I have a very wide range. The book case is in the walk in wardrobe, help yourself"
"Thank you" She got of the bed and went to go get a book. I was interested in witch books she liked to read. After all, I didn’t know much about her, and vice versa. She came back with Romeo and Juliet. I had to admit, I loved that book.
"Is that one of your favourites?"
"Defiantly, is it yours?"
"Yes" She sat down on the bed next to me, and we began to read the book together. We where half way through the book when Kathie came in.
"Are you ready to go?"
"Oh sorry I got caught in the book" She smiled to Kathie.
"Well come on, I'm sure Romeo and Juliet can wait for a few hours" I got off the bed and took her hand. An electric current ran through me.
"Where are we going, Kathie?"
"I won’t tell you anything. Stefan tell her"
"I know she'll keep asking until I tell her"
"Ok I'm sorry, I wont ask anymore"
"Just tell her, Kathie"
"No, I want this to be a surprise" Lily sighed and put her head against my shoulder.
"Put some music on, Kathie"
"What music?"
"What do you like Lily?"
"It depends on what mood I am in"
"What mood are you in now?" She thought about it then looked at me then thought about it again.
"Well lets put galaxy on, they always play good music on there" We listened to the music. Sometimes Lily would mouth the lyrics to songs she knew. She was embarrassed to sing them out loud. When we reached are destination I helped Lily get out of the car. She looked around

Where are we

"This is Lake love” Yes" I had named it that when I found Lily. It would be are special place and only three people could know about it.
"It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen"
"Unfortunately II cant say the same" She turned to say something to me but Kathie spoke first.
"Well I have to go meet, Lewis" Finally I could get some alone time with Lily.
"Bye, Kathie"
"Bye, Stefan, bye Lily"
"Goodbye" She said in a quiet voice, like she was scared of something. She took my car. Was this when I was meant to tell her I was a vampire? I knew she would start running screaming that I was a vampire. I laid out a blanket and motioned for her to it with me. We watched the water fall for a few hours. It was then I decided I was going to tell her. How was I meant to tell her this? Here I go anyway. Lily prepares your self for the shock of your life.
"Lily I need to tell you something" Her eyes became wide. This was not going to be good
"Please don’t run off screaming?"
"Promise me"
"I promise" I took a deep breath. This could only get worse.
"I'm not like other...humans"
"I don’t understand. Your not telling me you’re a murderer are you?" Close, so close.
"No. I'm-" i was broke off as she slid closer to me and wrapped her arms around my waist.
"Please say it. Whatever it is we can work through it" I doubted that very much. I sighed and pinched the bride of my nose.
"I'm a...vampire" She froze at my words. I closed my eyes, waiting for the running and screaming, but it never came.
"Why are you not running and screaming?" I asked, confused.
"Because I love vampires" Ok this was so confusing.
"What do you mean?"
"Well, ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by mythical creatures. When I was about ten years old I wanted to be a vampire. I was actually obsessed with vampires. It really annoyed everyone because I could never stop taking about them" W-o-w. She was just full of suppresses.
"So you don’t mind that I'm a vampire?"
"No. I actually think it's kind of cool" I smiled at her. I was glad she had taken it all so coolly.
"So, is that why you brought me here?"
"No, I took you here because I thought it would be nice to have some time together without Kathie bugging us all the time" She laughed.
"Well I'm actually glad. She was starting to annoy me a bit. I don’t mean to be mean to her"
"Well I'm glad we are thinking the same thing" We sat in silence, watching the water fall.
"Do you want to go for a swim?"
"I don’t have my swimsuit with me" I reached into the picnic box and pulled out a swimsuit. She looked at me with a confused expression.
"What is that Mary pippins’ bag?" I laughed and threw the swimsuit at her. I got up to give her some privacy while she changed. I walked into the woods, smiling to my self. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.
"I'm done" She called out to me. I had forgotten to put on my swimsuit so I quickly changed and charged for the water.
"Cannon ball!" I jumped into the water, soaking Lily" When I surfaced she Lily was laughing her head off.
"I dare you to do it"
"I'm not a chicken"
"Do it then"
"Fine" I began to count down as she backed and began to run.
"Three. Two. One!" She charged into the water, making a bigger splash than me.
"Ha, and you thought I couldn’t do it!" Her hair looked even darker when it was wet. I took her into my arms and twirled her around in the water. She began to giggle. It was the cutest thing I had ever heard. An electric current blazed where my skin made contact with hers. As I looked into her eyes I could feel something pull me towards her. I slowly bent my head towards her. Her breathing became erratic as she locked her hands into my hair. Are lips touched ever so lightly. Her reaction to me was unexpected, but was nice. She pressed her self to me and wrapped her legs around my waist. I began to pull away but she pulled me back to her. She finally began to loosen her grip n me. When she pulled back she looked embarrassed. I smiled at her.
"Sorry" She whispered in a tiny voice. I wasn’t mad at her, more bewildered. She knew I was a vampire but it didn’t bother her. She thought vampires where cool. Most people would run if the where sat next to a vampire, but not my girl. I kissed the top of her head. As the dark night approached the moon shun on the water. It cast light onto Lily's face, making her glow. She was almost falling asleep in my arms.
"I think its time we go home?"
"I don’t want to go"
"We can come back tomorrow"
"Ok" I took her hand and led her out of the water. She was shivering so much so i wrapped my arms around her while we waited for Kathie.
"Why is it so cold all of a sudden?" She leaned back against me and shivered endlessly.
"Because you have just gotten out of warm water and your hair is wet" Kathie pulled p. I pulled Lily into the car and turned the heater up on full.
"Sorry I took so long. I had an amazing time. How was your evening?"
"Great" Lily's face lit up. She was probably remembering when I told her I was a vampire.
"So you know about us then?"
"And your not scared?"
"No, I think it’s awesome"
"Well Iv never heard that one before" When we reached the house I noticed she was asleep. I tried to wake her up, but it was like awaking the dead. Kathie turned the music on full. She jumped up and looked around.
"We’re here"
"Was there any need for the loud music Kathie?" I asked.
"Sorry, I just thought you might need some help awaking the dead" I sighed and help Lily get out of the car. When we got o my bedroom she collapsed onto my bed.
"I take it swimming tired you out, or was it kissing?" I asked, a smile forming on my lips as I remembered.
"Um both I think" She seemed embarrassed when ever I brought it up so I dropped the subject and climbed into bed with her. I watched her as she sleep, her smile crossing her face as she slept.


The End

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