parting of an angel

this story is sort of like twilight. It is about a vampire that has been forced to marry, but when he bumps into Lily-may he is compleatly dazzled by her beauty.

This was it. She was going to leave me. I would feel so alone, so empty. What would I do without her? I would stop existing, that is what. Even though she didnt want me to do it, but what else could I do? My world would fall apart the moment she took her last breath, the moment her heart beat for the last time. I would hunt down the soless murdered who had done this to my love before I took my own life. The monster who had done this would suffer greatly. It would be hard to kill my self, considering that I am an creature of the night. I would need someone strong enough to kill me. Sure it would hurt my family to lose me, but it was going to hurt me even more when she was gone. I would make her one last promise. That promise? I would see her again, weather she liked it or not.

The End

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