As Cassandra maneuvered the car out of the garage and down the lane out onto the road, Derekk thought to himself about those years he had been ‘missing’… and felt he really had been missing. He remembered almost nothing from those times. He did however, remember the night before he disappeared two years ago, very well.
**Begin Flashback**
    “Man this is awesome! I haven’t been to one of these in like, ages,” yelled Thom over the already pumping music.
    “Well neither have I dumbo. Get over it. Now.” complained Derekk.
They walked into the party and had their ears assaulted by a chorus of high-pitched screams and yells. They looked around and took in the black walls, the tile floors, and most importantly, the bar with the hot bartender. The two of them sauntered over to the bar and tried to flirt with said hot bartender, but she completely blew them off. They spotted another victim. She was tall, willowy, mousy brown hair, lush forest green eyes, and had a curvy figure.
    They watched her carefully. She seemed different from all the other girls there. She was more wild, thoughtful, and definitely evil. Thom was the first to collect himself. He walked over and said, “Hi. My name is Thom. What’s yours?” She just gave him an evil glare before smiling and saying, “Cassandra. What do you want?”
    “Oh, well, Cassandra, in that case, would you like to dance with me? Or am I too hot for you?” He grinned at her.
    “I was thinking about dancing wit that demonic looking friend of yours, but I guess I’ll dance with you first, just to make him look my way.” She shrugged and flicked her hair over her shoulder glancing over to where Derekk stood swaying absentmindedly with the music.
    “Do you just want me to get him to dance with you or take you to my hotel room?” Thom tried one last time to get her attentions.
    “I think I’ll stick with your friend and the dance floor. And then maybe your friend can take me to his hotel room.” She grinned wickedly.
    “Oh, ok, I’ll be right back.” Thom turned on his heel and regretfully walked up to Derekk and said, “Hey, that hot girl over there wants to dance with you. Her name is Cassandra.”
    “Mmmm…. Okay. Fine by me.”
**End Flashback**
    Derekk was jerked out of his reverie by Cassandra repeatedly poking him in the head and calling his name in a frustrated tone. “What woman?!” he barked angrily. The icy glare he got for his outburst quieted his anger. “Sorry,” he mumbled, ‘What is it Cassandra?” he asked in a more muted tone.
    “You’re supposed to be giving me directions, remember?” She said, slightly irritated. He dipped his head slightly, and replied, "Indeed, I am dearest Cassandra." He glanced around quickly getting his bearings. "Alright, go through this light, and at the next, turn right. Alright? Then it's twenty miles down that road, and then left on Whickerville Lane."
    Cassandra nodded in response and turned her attention back to the road. Her mind raced. She wondered desperately where they were headed.
    "Oh and Cassandra?" Derekk said quietly. She looked over at him. "Wake me when you turn on Whickerville Lane 'kay?" Cassandra rolled her eyes. Of course. Lazy brat was going to sleep. "Whatever you say," she said, reaching out and patting him on the head. He simply huffed and curled up on the seat, returning to his flashbacks.

The End

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