The Morning After

    Cassandra sighed sadly,  
    "I don’t want to go home now," she told him. 
    "I don’t want you to go either," he confided in her.  He smiled lovingly and placed a kiss on her lips.  Then they both slipped out from under the covers to stand on opposite sides of the bed, taking in the other’s bed head and rumpled clothes.
    “You do remember where your room is, don’t you?” Derekk questioned, yawning, his arms up-stretched, the muscles rippling under his skin. 
    “Yup, it’s the fifth door up on the left.” 
    “That’s my girl.  Now go get dressed.  We have a long day ahead of us.” 
    “Sir, yes sir.”  Cassandra answered standing at attention and giving a salute that could almost pass as an official salute. That made him wonder.  Derekk laughed and shooed her out the door.  After she had left, he went into the bathroom and threw up.  His hunger was causing him to substitute for humans by taking little bits from the cows next door {which was about a mile down the road}. Moreover, the inconsistency was making him weak, he needed nourishment, and soon.  He washed his face and sifted through his closet.  Finally, he chose a pair of darkened denim jeans, and his favorite Led Zeppelin tee.  A pair of skater shoes {black of course!} would be fine for what he had planned.  He stepped out of the room but was intercepted by Cassandra. She just so happened to be similarly dressed. 
    “Spying on me now are we?” Derekk questioned laughingly. 
    “Maybe I am, handsome.  Nevertheless, what do you care?  It’s not like I’m gonna find something you don’t want me to, right?” Cassandra asked innocently.
    “No, but you don’t have to dress like me.” 
    “Well,” Cassandra said, “I’m offended.  You don’t like me enough to let me have some fun.  You’re mean.”  She complained pouting, her lips turned down slightly in the corners, her bright red lipstick gleaming in the morning sunlight coming in from the window behind Derekk.  
    “Come now, you know I was just kidding.  I really like you and don’t mind if you dress like me.  You know what they say, ‘Great minds think alike’.  I was just teasing you, trying to get a reaction.”  Derekk amended, smiling crookedly and showing off his razor sharp teeth. He put his arm around her shoulders and squeezed lightly.
    “Come on.  We’ll miss the train if we don’t leave now.”  Derekk said, his tone light. 
    “Fine, but I’m driving.  You scare me.” Cassandra said with an exasperated sigh.  She turned and led the way down the hallway to the set of grand stairs that spiraled down to the front entrance.  But instead of walking down the stairs, she hopped up onto the banister and proceeded to slide the length of the stairs on her feet.  Derekk followed suit, but he slid while sitting sideways on the railing, not like Cassandra’s full blown crazy idea of sliding while standing.  She made it too, landing like a cat on the balls of her feet.  Derekk came down right after that and clapped for her.
    “Quite a display there darling.  Where did you learn to do that?” 
    “I guess you could say that the best of the best of the best taught me.  My mother to be exact.  You know how we half-bloods are.  I’m half Ama.  They’re a cat species. So I have the agility of a cat, as well as the tendencies.”
    “So what you eat lots of fish now? Like to lick your ‘paws’ after every meal?”  Derekk commented before bursting out laughing.
    “No you silly mongoose.  You’d better shut up before I leave you here.”  She said, heading toward the door and the hooks on the wall that held the keys to every one of Derekk’s cars.  But Derekk was too fast for her.  In one bound he was ahead of her and at the wall picking up the keys for his favorite car, his Lamborghini.  It was black with chrome fenders and accents, and the seats were black leather.  Pretty much everything was black.  Even the windows were 70% tinted black.  They entered the garage through a door off to the left of the main door, and Cassandra wouldn’t have even known it was there if Derekk hadn’t been there with her.  Stepping into the cool air that was the garage, she saw her Camry parked in one of the empty spaces. There were only two.  She stood in awe looking over the assortment of VERY expensive cars each worth a small fortune that would’ve cost her several years to save up for while working at a VERY high paying job.
    “Nice aren’t they?” Derekk called from the other end of the garage standing next to a Porsche that was a metallic purple with lots of chrome.
    “Yeah they are.  Must’ve cost a lot.  I also noticed that you like chrome.” Cassandra replied in a awed and speculative voice with a hint of sarcasm, going to stand next to him.  ‘I wonder how hard it would be to lift one of these things?’  She thought.
    “Much.  Well when you’ve been saving for 23 years and have an inheritance that came from your parents saving for a couple thousand years, you tend to have a lot of money to spend.  And stealing one of these babies from me would cost you your life.  I wouldn’t kill you darling, my dogs would.” he answered in response to her query, and as if he could read her mind.
    “Dogs?  What dogs?  I don’t see any -”  Derekk opened a small metal door and Cassandra saw the five biggest malamutes she had ever seen in all of her 19 years.  They immediately set up such a ruckus that she couldn’t hear herself scream in fright.
    “You were saying?”
    “Ok, so you do have dogs.  Never mind then.”  Cassandra said when Derekk had shut the door, cutting off the sound of the dogs’ barking.
    “Good girl. No grand theft auto on my watch.  Here’s the keys to the Lamborghini. I thought you were driving.”
    “Yes I am because, like I said before, your driving scares me. Come on.  We’ll miss the train like you said earlier.”  Derekk shook his head.  ‘If she had feathers, he thought, she would be a pompom made of feathers.’  Cassandra marched over to the Lamborghini and climbed in the driver’s side door.  She turned the ignition and heard the car roar to life under her, the engine purring like a large cat.
    “Can you see why this is my favorite car, Cassandra?” Derekk asked, running his hand over the leather armrest and glaring in her direction.
    “Partly.” Cassandra replied, looking confused by his evil glare.
    “I don’t want a single scratch on her when this is over, understand?  I can say it in over 30 languages if you don’t understand English.” he remarked coldly.  Then he did the impossible {to her at least}.  He slipped into a trance like state and, in the blink of an eye, turned into a large husky.
    ‘Where we’re stopping at, I’m not welcome so I’ve to go disguised.’  he told her, licking her cheek in a doggie kiss.  ‘Now shut your mouth before you catch a fly.  Trust me on this, they’re nasty tasting.’   Cassandra sat there with the Lamborghini purring under her and her mouth in a perfect O because of what she had witnessed.  ‘And I thought I was an accomplished witch.  Shows me right.’ She thought bitterly.
    ‘You are a very good witch now can we please get going?’  Derekk commented, sighing in a doggie fashion.
    “Right, gotta take directions form a dog now.  What has the world come to?”  Cassandra murmured, putting the car in gear and pressing the garage door button on the visor. She watched as the door slowly slid open, the creaking of the door bested only by the purring of the engine.

The End

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