Parties Don't Exist Without a Vampire

                                                                   Club Cameo

        Derekk slowly came closer and closer to Cassandra. They were out in the parking lot with the stars shining brightly above them. Another step and she was still unaware that his intentions were not the same as her's were or that he was even there.  Another step and he was nearly on her.  She looked up from her phone call, glanced about and still didn’t see him.  He took the last step, closing the space between them and asked,
        "Want to go to my place?  Don't worry; I can take you home in the morning if you like."  She jerked her head up and let out a yelp.  
        "How in the hell did you get that close to me!…” then in a much calmer tone, “In addition to your question, I think I might like that.  All of it. Even the part you didn‘t mention."  She gave him a look that could only mean one thing.  Only half of what he wanted.  Ok, so the rest can wait for later.  He had something to do for now. And she was sooo hot! 'Funny how things work out isn‘t it?' He thought to himself. 
        "Alright let's go. And, please, don’t scream when we accelerate on the road again.  It gives me the chills."  Derekk said with a sly smile.  Cassandra smiled sweetly back, a wicked glint in her eyes that didn‘t go unnoticed by Derekk.  He sighed, it was going to be a long ride.  They turned and climbed into Cassandra’s all-black Camry , with Derekk driving, and raced away down the road.  They eventually ( after say an hour of ear piercing screeches every time they sped off from a red light, and a pit stop at the nicest restaurant in town {that‘s another story}) pulled into the driveway of a b-e-a-utiful mansion.  Cassandra stared, awed, as they drove past the gardener's cottage, the barn, the pastures, and the huge kennel.  The riding trails, the exercise rings, the enormous garden, and most importantly, a gigantic swimming pool the size of an ice skating rink. They rolled to a stop in front of a five-car, two story garage. 
        "Let's go inside, shall we?"  Derekk said, offering Cassandra his arm after they had climbed out of the car.  Together they walked up the front walk of solid black Basalt, and entered through the platinum and diamond inlaid door.  Out of the corner of her eye, Cassandra saw a slight glimmer of silver as she passed over the threshold.  When she turned her head, though, there was nothing there.  Satisfied, she followed Derekk up the stairs to the bedroom suites.  He showed her into one luscious suite and she gasped with awe.  The floor was covered with a deep, wine-red and black filigree patterned carpet, the drapes that covered French windows were velveteen black, the walls were crimson, and the sheets were red and black rose-patterned silk. 
        "This is where you will be sleeping tonight. I hope you like it." 
        "Like it?" Cassandra said, “I love it!"  She twirled around with her arms outstretched soaking up the beauty of the room.  Derekk smiled knowingly.  The last girl he had brought here had acted the same way.  Too bad for her though, she had ended up dead.  He happened to notice that every time that she entered a room or passed through a doorway, while exploring her suite, she seemed to twitch her head.  Almost like, she was trying to catch something? He turned to leave, questions riddling his mind, but Cassandra stopped him. 
        "Where’s your room?" she asked innocently enough.  Now he was pleased. 
        "It's the fifth door down, on the right.  I'll be there all night." he assured her. 
        "Ok… Thanks for letting me stay here for the night.  You're sooo generous."  She whispered shyly, and blushed to a deep pink. She fluttered her eyelashes at him before he left.   When he turned his back to leave, he rolled his eyes.  He strolled casually down the hallway, hoping Cassandra didn’t open her door.  When he got to his rooms, he laughed. He then mentally began counting down untill midnight.  That was when he was his strongest, and when, approximately, Cassandra would show up at his door.  They always did...

The End

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